Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi technology is a wireless technology that uses radio waves for providing internet access or establishes connection between two or more devices for the purpose of data sharing. The Wi-Fi technology was established in 1997 and has gained huge popularity since then. Wi-Fi is supported by most of the computers, laptops, smart phones, IPods, PSP and various other peripherals.

Wi-Fi is a long distance transportable technology which can be used by millions of people all over the world for individual and business purposes. Wi-Fi technology uses single carrier direct-sequence spread spectrum radio technology as well as multiple carrier OFDM technology to establish connection between two or more networks. The wireless technology offers both advantages and disadvantages as compared to a wireless network. Advantages include more mobility whereas disadvantages include radio interference due to weather and other wireless devices.

How does Wi-Fi Technology work?

A Wi-Fi connection begins with a wireless computer adapter that translates data into a radio signal and transmits it using an antenna. Thereafter, a wireless router receives the signal and decodes it- and sends the information to the internet using a physical, wired Ethernet connection. In reality the router is connected to a high-speed modem with the help of the Ethernet cable. After the wireless router gets connected, you will be able to receive a wireless signal on a given device- be it a computer, laptop, smart phone or any other device.

The Wi-Fi radios have a remarkable difference from the other radios- as they transmit frequencies of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz which is considerably higher than the frequencies of cell phones, walkie-talkies and televisions. The advantage of using higher frequency is that the signal can carry more data. The Wi-Fi radios typically use 802.11 networking standards, which come in several flavors like 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. Wi-Fi radios can transmit on any of these frequencies or may "frequency hop" between the different bands. Frequency hopping actually helps in reducing interference and lets multiple devices use the same wireless connection simultaneously.

However, in spite of the advantages, this technology has some limitations as well. It is because the spectrum assignments or operational limitations are not consistent throughout the world. Many places in Europe allow for only one additional channel for the 2.4 GHz band. (1-13 vs. 1-11); Japan has one more on top of that (1-14). This means that the Wi-Fi connection cannot operate consistently in these countries. Moreover, the Wi-Fi systems have only a limited range and the Wi-Fi performance decreases significantly as the distance increases.

Wi-Fi technology has certainly improved our way of communicating and establishing connections but a lot still remains to be done!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Video Teleconferencing Technology

Video Teleconferencing technology is a new technology that has been invented to give a cutting edge to your business! The Video teleconferencing technology allows two or more persons, present at different locations to interact with each other for business purposes (with the help of audio and video transmissions). The video conferencing technology is gaining huge popularity day by day because it can be used for a variety of purpose such as teaching lessons, conducting meeting and seminars!

The teleconferencing technology allows data to come in your system through phone lines and internet connections. The video teleconference system includes the following components: video input, video output, audio input, audio output and data transfer. The core technology that a video teleconference system uses is the digital compression of the audio and video streams in real time. It has been found that compression rates of up to 1:500 can be achieved in this system.

The resulting digital stream of 1s and 0s is further subdivided into labeled packets, which are thereby transmitted through a digital network of some or other kind. In order to receive the compressed bits of information, you need to have a system in place which can handle the bandwidth required for the conference. It is quite easy to set up a system for receiving the information and most of the people generally use their computers since much of the information required to be saved or shared during the conference can be stored here.

In order to send some image or data from your system, you need to have a web cam or video camera. Simple web cams are quite cheap and easy to install but you may get an expensive video recorder installed if you want very good quality video conferencing. Simple web cams do not have the bandwidth to transfer information at a high quality which you may be able get with more costly equipment. However, expensive video cams are not required everywhere, so you can get away with them.

Video teleconferencing is a very effective technology and is helping lots of companies to stay abreast with the latest knowledge and projects. The use of video teleconferencing technology is helping the smaller companies to stay competitive with the larger ones and also helps them to lower their overhead and keep their costs down, which can even benefit the consumer by keeping prices from rising!

So, you can see that video teleconferencing technology is very profitable to the companies and its' popularity is increasing day by day. I hope that more inventions like this continue to happen and ease our lives!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The hydrogen fuel cell works on the basis of electrolysis process. It generates electricity with fuel on the anode side and the oxidant on the cathode side and they react in the presence of electrolyte. The reactants which are the input flows into the cells and the reactant products flow out of it while the electrolyte remains inside it. The hydrogen fuel cell is just like the water fuel cell which was a failure. However the hydrogen fuel cell is a success. The fuel cells can run continuously if the input is maintained properly.

Hence the hydrogen fuel cell is just like the petrol engine and I must tell you that it works fine as well. However the fuel cells are different from the electrolytic cells as they consume the reactant from the external source, which requires a thermodynamically open system. Many combinations of the fuel and the oxidants are possible. For example the hydrogen cell uses the hydrogen as the fuel and oxygen as the oxidant. The other combinations are hydrocarbon and alcohol as well as chlorine and chlorine dioxide.

The fuel cell works with the help of electrolysis. Up till now you must have understood the use of reactant as well as oxidants. However you will have to understand one more thing and that is catalysis. The fuel cell works with the help of catalysis which helps in separating the electrons and protons. Now you must know that the electric current flows in the direction opposite to the flow of the electron. I must say that the electron flow is maintained with the help of catalysis which separates the electron and proton and hence the electrons start moving in one direction and hence the electricity is generated.

A typical hydrogen fuel cell produces about 0.6 to 0.7 volts of voltage. However this cell does not obey the ohms law. You must know that according to Ohms law the voltage is directly proportional to the current. However this is not the case with the hydrogen fuel cell. In case of the hydrogen fuel cell the voltage is found to go o decreasing as the current starts increasing.

The reason behind the decrease in the voltage is because of the facts that are as follows:
  1. Activation loss
  2. Ohmic loss: (due to the resistance of the cell components and interconnect.)
  3. Mass transport loss (due to the depletion of the reactants at the catalyst site.)
Hence it is a general observation that the hydrogen fuel cell do not obeys Ohms law. In fact all the electrolytic cells do not obey the ohms law and hence hydrogen fuel cell which is also a kind of electrolytic cell does not obey the ohms law.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Universal Turing Machine

Every Turing machine reads a set of symbols which you can call input or also fixed partial computable function which is accepted from the input strings over its alphabet. In this sense it behaves like a computer with a fixed program. However, it is really possible to encode the action table of any Turing machine in a string. Hence a Turing machine can be constructed that expects on its tape a string describing an action table followed by a string describing the input tape, and then it can compute the required result. I must tell you that the Turing described such universal machine in great detail when he wrote a paper in the year 1936.

In 1947, Turing said that "It can be shown that a single special machine of that type can be made to do the work of all. It could in fact be made to work as a model of any other machine. The special machine may be called the universal machine".

I must tell you that there are four kinds of grammar respectively type 0 grammars, type 1 grammar, type 2 grammars and the type 3 grammar. The Turing machine takes the type 0 grammar as the input. The others are accepted by the other machines like push down automata.

If you want to develop the universal Turing machine then you will have to develop the table at first. The table clearly mentions the initial and the final state with correspondence to each input. In this way you will be able to develop a table. You must know that the Turing machine consist of seven tuples. You will have to define the transition state function.

Turing machine is really an attempt to make the machine which will provide the artificial intelligence.
As you will develop the encoding of action tables as strings it becomes possible in principle for Turing machines to answer questions about the behavior of other Turing machines. However I must add that most of such questions are really not decidable. This really gives us one clue and that is that the function in question cannot be calculated mechanically. You can take as an example the halting problem in which you will have to decide whether any Turing machine will halt at the input of any input or on all inputs. This was generally shown to be not decidable when the paper was presented in the year 1936 original paper. You can also check for the rice theorem which shows that any non-trivial question about the behavior or output of a Turing machine is not decidable.

I really feel that the Turing machine was really a very good attempt by one of the all time great scientist and that is the Turing.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What are the advantages of Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoformed packaging reduce the per unit packaging cost. Besides this, the packaging offers several other benefits. Before going into the detail of all the advantages, let's find out what is thermoformed packaging.

This is a type of retail packaging. The clamshell packets which carry and hold toys, gifts, electronic goods, cosmetics and food items are nothing but the thermoformed packages. These are forms by melting the plastics. The melted plastic is then treated under vacuum and pressure over the customized moulds. This molding gives the particular shape to the plastic. It is then trimmed and cut to give it the desired shape. It is then assembled to pack the product. The custom based moulds are formed according to the product which is to be packed.

The thermoformed plastic thus gives the feature of both protection and display. The hard plastic case protects the product from dirt and injury. The transparent nature display the product features inside the clamshell. You can find such clamshell in the boxes containing the toys. The cell phones and accessories are also available in such casing.

Food items are also packed in such packages. This is because thermoformed packages don't affect the food properties, it keep the food tightly packed inside which prevent it from getting contaminated.

The other advantages of thermoformed plastic are:
  1. They are light in weight and durable.
  2. They reduce per unit packaging cost of the product. This help the company to cut down on the packaging cost of the product and thus increase profits.
  3. The thermoformed plastic is sustainable. It can be recycled and thus this reduces the garbage which is dumped by the companies in the environment. Thus the thermoforming technology is environment friendly.
  4. The plastic used for packaging is stiffer than the average plastic. This gives the products a high quality packaging.
  5. The stiff nature of the material has led the manufacturers to down grade to smaller containers.
  6. It acts as a better marketing tool for the manufacturers. The product features are displayed and thus the buyer can see what actually lies inside the packet.
  7. The transportation and inbound costs are reduced as the packaging does not add to the total weight of the product.
The thermoformed plastic is also widely used in the packaging of the medical items and surgical instruments. This is because the medical items remain in the sterilized form inside the clamshell packs.

The thermoformed packaging has taken the industries on waves. You can find almost all the items in the departmental store in such packs. The wide application and use of the plastic in itself indicate its advantages.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Smart Phone

Everyone loves to buy a superb mobile phone which suits his personality. We all love to have all the latest features in it in order to be best and productive in everything we do. The brand mobile makers are providing everything in their phones and nowadays it is not difficult to get all the features in our handsets. But the main thing to get the best features counts a lot. And if we are talking about having the best features and price does not matter us then we should not miss Sony Ericsson's new launch Xperia X1 Smart Phone.

It is completely equipped with the advanced features which make it a unique phone. It is the first phone to operate on Windows Mobile Operating System.

Its features will really make you amazed.
  1. It is the fantastic arc-sliding phone with amazing QWERTY soft and easy typing keyboard to input the data fast and easily. It comes with efficient user interface which will never let you down in front of your friends when you boast it off. It comes in a shining metallic body with 3 inch wide VGA screen and high resolution TFT touchscreen.
  2. It is a complete fun and entertainment and an important accessory wherever you go. It has a sleek and compact body. It can store limitless calls and contact entries. Even it has the perfect battery backup.
  3. It has Bluetooth and GPRS facility to access the Internet with high speed and data communication and sharing of files with instant emailing. Apart from that you will also find Wi-Fi features and 3G capabilities. It is because of HSDPA to perfectly download and upload files in fast speed. It comes with the Microsoft's softwares such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook.
  4. It has a unique feature of UI- rotation which means that the screen will automatically change its orientation if the handset is tilted.
  5. It has a secondary video calling camera also and supports MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player and even PLUS handwriting recognition aptitude.
  6. It has an expensive tag but all these features cannot be missed even if we have to compensate for the money. It has an internal memory of 400 MB and even is provided with micro SD expandable slots and comes with FM radio with the RDS technology.
  7. It even has the GPS navigation facility to guide us on the way while traveling.
  8. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with built-in flash and auto focus with perfect resolution to capture the fantastic moments.
So why not you all go and take that wonderful and smart mobile handset into your hands and feel the difference! Though it is costly but money is not everything if you need to buy that perfection and live your life full of fun and entertainment.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

International Calling Cards

International Calling Cards are the most important means of communicating with your near and dear ones who are sitting in the far off corner of the world. Since mobile phones are the best way to bring the big world in our hands by being the main source of communication. So with the help of international calling cards we can do the long distance calls easily and efficiently.

Earlier it used to take lots of time and money to do the international calls but with the invention of International Calling cards we have saved money and time with clear and proper communication facility.

What actually we have to do is register them by entering the pin number in the toll free number or better do it by calling the pre-registered number given in the card. The billing of these phones is also very easy as you all can pay them online, or by credit cards or cash. You even get number of prepaid International Calling cards to make a call to international countries. With the help of prepaid cards you can call only for the limited amount of time. If the time reaches its limit, the phone hangs up. But you can also increase the time limit by the numerous facilities available such as of paying extra even after the time is used up.

There are 3 types of calling cards available: -
  1. International cards are the ones to make international calls only.
  2. Overseas cards are those which are used to make overseas calls. In overseas cards, the country where the call is received and the country where the call is made should be the same country only.
  3. The Long-distance calling cards support the facility of accessing the all local, international and even overseas calls without any hindrance.
Thus the International calling cards are affordable and highly available in discount schemes offered by the various companies who are trying to bring their best in the market and attract the customers.
But there are various points to be remembered while buying International calling cards as it may sometimes prove uneasy for you.
  • The consumers should check all the details before buying the cards as few companies give the cards which have a lower quality even they charge very few cents.
  • Sometimes you also happen to bear the noise disturbance which might lead to uninteresting and annoying calls.
  • It is always recommended to first try out the trial cards and then buy them in order to avoid risk.
  • Apart from that hidden fee is also becoming the big issue while making international calls as many companies offer cards of lower rates but charge immensely. So it is recommended to ask for the billing system if you need to stay safe in the future.
Thus following few tips in buying the International Calling Cards, we can save lots of money and hence can be free to talk to our relatives and friends in the distant locations.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Samsung Omnia- Everything You Wish In Your Mobile

Imagine a life without mobile phones! It will be really impossible to live without mobile phones which help us daily in their own way. Today mobile phones are coming up with so many features to entertain us and making our work fast and easy. It is an ideal for everybody in every field. As we know that in this technological era, mobile phones are in the great demand by the working people and it becomes very necessary for the brand mobile phone companies to strive in the competition by bringing out latest features in the handsets only to attract the population of consumers to buy their mobile sets and be astonished by looking at its features.

We all have heard the name of Samsung which is the most famous company leading in the mobile phones. And it has come up with the latest mobile phone called as Samsung Omnia. This phone is also treated as the real competitor of Apple I-phone. Omnia means 'everything' in Latin and 'wish' in Arabic. So its sums up to tell the whole world that you all will get whatever you have wished in your mobile phone.

Let us discuss its various features and see that why it is called as the "killer of Apple I-phone".
  1. The features are everything in Omnia. It is very sleek and stylish with smart features. It has a TouchWiz user interface to make it more convenient for the users to type the data easily. It has a 3.2 inch scratch resistant LCD touchscreen with the soft keys in the QWERTY keyboard.
  2. It is the premium phone in the market with advanced features we had wished in our cell phones. It supports Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 installed in it giving best accessible features having Microsoft softwares such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word. It also comes with the video portal to make it really amazing for us to show the slides by just connecting our phone to the slide projector in our presentation in the business conference or meetings. It supports audio and video types including DivX and Xvid.
  3. As we know that Apple I-phone has a 2 Megapixel camera but Omnia has a 5 Megapixel camera with auto focus, zoom; face detection, smile detection and auto-panorama shot thus perfect for day and night photography.
  4. It comes with the 16 GB of internal memory and still can be expandable.
  5. It is also provided with the fast Internet connectivity with HSDPA technology for our instant mailing and browsing the net. Also you will get Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB support. Also there is GPS for easy navigation facilities by being the best directional travel guide for us.
  6. It also has an awesome Mp3 player and can store up to 8000 mp3 songs with great battery life up to 10 hours of talk time. This phone is also called as the rival of various I-pods. Also has a movie player in which you can play the downloaded movies or edit them. Do not forget the games which you can download also on it and have a great time to entertain yourself.
Only after buying it you will find that your every wish has come true in terms of latest advanced features in the mobile phone and it is Samsung Omnia which has proved itself in the long run of leading mobile makers.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Benefits of Computer technology

Computer is an electronic device that processes raw data into meaningful results. We all are aware of computer as it is widely used in our daily life. We are really grateful to all those mathematicians and scientists who have made our life easier by making computer to solve our toughest problems. If we define Technology; it is all about using the so called sophisticated scientific and technical tools which ultimately help in making our lives better by solving our problems and making us more advanced.

The most important invention in the technology is Computer and this computer technology has served everybody in every field. Gone are the days when we used big room-sized computers to do calculations but nowadays computers have become handy in the form of palmtops, PDAs, laptops, cell phones.

The benefits of computer technology are many as various business organizations and companies are using its different kinds of application softwares to efficiently manage their work. The various system softwares as well as application softwares make our work faster as they are the programs made by the developers. The softwares are not only used for business purposes or at homes for children to study interestingly but also for the supermarkets or restaurants. There they can have a perfect bill system. Thus varied softwares are the main contribution by the computer technology.

Apart from that the great evolution of Internet has also made its mark in the technology. It is just because of internet that we can easily access information by just the click of a moue button and can communicate with anyone in the world over the internet by the various services provided to us such as email or other chatting softwares. Internet and various real time softwares have even helped us in Space centers to do various calculations for various planets. Even the technical telescopes have been made to enable distant viewing perfect. The satellites can reveal the various pictures of far off planets on the computers and thus help the astronauts and scientists to make us aware of what is happening in the outer world.

The computer technology has also proved useful to us in cars as today we are getting high-tech cars built with various artificial intelligence components and the Bluetooth technology is crediting it more. Bluetooth technology helps us to attend calls while driving by receiving calls from the in -built radio in it featuring Bluetooth technology inside it. The computer technology is also used in banks, ATM machines, petrol pumps and also for educational purposes for students to learn through internet.

Thus we see that, computer technology is spread everywhere giving success in number of fields wherever they are used. We all are adapted to computer that without it we cannot perform fast and better and cannot be more productive.

Monday, March 2, 2009

How to select the Right Retail Technology Partner

Make sure that the retail technology partner is knowledgeable enough and has detail information about the retail business as well as the technologies used in retail. Meet them in person and discuss with them your business to find out if they understand your retail business and not just the technological solutions they have with them for you.

Such partners are also called as Value Added Resellers or more commonly as VARS. They not only give a new life to your business but also help your business increase profits. Choose a retail technology partner who guides you and suggest you the technology which suit your purpose.

Avoid those who are not able to understand your technology needs. Approach the consultants who have the knowledge about your business. Find out everything about the consultant. Consider following points in choosing the right retail technology consultant for your business:
  1. Find out whether the consultant has a staff which is knowledgeable, skilled and efficient. Also, look into the support staff of the consultant. This is an important point to consider as in the conditions of crisis they should have the staff efficient enough to provide you with all the essential services. They should have a staff which could provide you with the services you require for your business.
  2. Find out if they have all the expert employees who can understand your technological requirements, understand your system and apply the technological solutions devised for your business.
  3. Besides this, find out that when your system is upgraded with the required technology, the consultant provide trainers who train to your staff and provide the required support on an ongoing basis.
  4. Provide you with all the information about the new products and system.
  5. Give you the customized solutions which are within the budget you plan for the purpose.
  6. Also find out whether the consultant is an experienced one or new to the industry. Although, the difference does not hold if you get the service and solution you want. But an experienced consultant understands your business in much better manner and is able to give you the customized solution more efficiently than the consultant new to the industry.
The retail partner should understand your requirement well and should be able to suggest you with the solution which can earn profits for your business.

Different companies have different needs and the consultant you choose should understand this. So, discuss with the consultant what you need for your business, what resources you have. Then let them plan the technology solution right for your business.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

7 best ways for buying a Cheap Laptop

Find out that the laptop has a Core 2 Duo processor and a memory of 1GB. Different types of laptops are there in the market. This gives you lots of options. Cheap laptops are available in the market as new and used laptops.

If you are searching a new laptop which is cheap then search the market well. Find out different brands available and different shops selling the laptops. Reach them and ask for the discount. Compare them and then make a purchase. Laptops with the latest technology come with a price.

The best is to search for a laptop which is about one to two year old. You can follow any of the following ways to get the best deal.

Reach power users and gamers

Power users and gamers are always on a look for new technology. They never hesitate in selling the laptops which they have with them, for a new one, with latest technology. This is because they never want to compromise the latest technology which they require for the games and power applications. So, if you have any such contacts, use them.

Search the manufacturers who sell cheap laptops

There are manufacturers who buy laptops from the individuals who wish to sell one with them. They then label these laptops at a price which is lower than the market price but give them a certain profit margin. Search such manufacturers and approach them.

Search online gamer forums

There are gamer forums where the gamers continuously discuss the latest technology. They also look for the individuals who can purchase their old laptops. Search these forums and try to visit each member in the forum. You will find laptops with latest technology available at affordable prices.

Read the local bulletin board

If you are looking for cheap laptop then don't overlook this option. This becomes important if you have some software companies nearby. Such companies display the information on the bulletin. You can find the sale option occasionally in this bulletin. Scan it and never miss a chance if the bulletin displays any such information.

Search refurbished laptops

You will find many around you. Don't go by the rumor that all refurbished laptops are bad. You can manage to get one year old laptop in perfect condition. Just search it.

Buy one with old technology

Laptop should serve your purpose. One with old technology is available at lower prices. You have the option to upgrade it in future. So go for it.

Search the laptop of at least 512MB

This compensates the slow speed and runs most of the applications easily at standard speed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Astronomical Telescope: Amazing Way to See Star to Stars

We use telescope to view the distant objects. Astronomical telescope is used for stargazing. Telescopes are refracting and reflecting telescopes. The telescope has two lenses. One is the objective lens and other the eyepiece. The objective lens receives the light from the distant objects and converge it to the eyepiece lens. The eyepiece lens spread the light so that the image is formed in the retina of the eye.

The image formed depends upon the quality of the lens used. Higher the quality, more clear and sharp is the image. To make the best use of your astronomical telescope, you have to carry it to a place away from the country, where you can find clear sky.

You can search the websites and the libraries to find out what you can see with your telescope. The astronomical charts are available in the libraries. These charts come with explanations and prove a very helpful guide to find out what we can see with our telescope.

Consider certain points if you are going to buy a telescope. First be aware that if you are going to buy a cheap telescope then it will only help you to view the clear sky and not the distant stars for which you wish to purchase it. Search for planet telescope with 20 x 50 listing. This number tells you that the object will be magnified for about twenty times of what you see with your normal eye.

Never get swayed with the images printed on the cover of the telescope box. They are from the professionals. And when you search the object from your telescope, they appear in black and white.
Understand the object first and then go out into the market for purchase. First find out why you need the telescope and what you want to see in the sky. Then move out into the market to search one.

There are basically two types of telescopes available in the market; Refractive telescope and reflective telescope. The Kepler telescope is the improved form of Gallilean telescope and it comes under the category of refractive telescopes. This Kepler telescope use convex eyepiece in contrast to the concave eyepiece used in Gallilean telescope.

You can use your telescope to view different type of stars in the sky, the meteors and lots of things. Telescope in fact unfolds the sky above. You can peep into the sky and explore different stars, planets and look at the places which we cannot see with our naked eyes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

How to select the Digital Camcorder

Select the camcorder on the basis of features such as:
  1. Optical/digital zoom.
  2. MiniDVD recording.
  3. Night scope.
  4. Megapixel.
  5. PC connection.
  6. Viewfinder and LCD screen.
  7. Lens filter.
  8. Image stabilizer.
  9. Battery and microphone.
Now discuss them in brief

Zoom is the number of times the image is magnified without affecting the picture quality. Higher the zoom, shakier is the picture. So choose an optimum level of zoom feature.

Night shoot makes you to shoot pictures in night conditions. Find out if your camcorder is able to shoot color pictures.

Memory stores the still pictures as well as the videos. Standard memory of the camcorder is 8GB. They are also available in the memory of 16GB and 32GB. Find out the memory of your camcorder.

Viewfinder and LCD panel help you to see what you are shooting. Check whether your viewfinder display pictures in color as well as black and white. The LCD comes in size of 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch. To check your LCD screen, just place it in daylight and see if the images on the screen are clear and sharp.

Image stabilization stabilizes and removes the slight shaking in the video stabilization. Optical is considered superior to the digital form.

Lens filter during shooting. This is of two types- digital and optical image
this is necessary to prevent the lens from injury and dust. You can opt for additional filter and use them to shoot clear pictures in bright light.

PC connection is the feature that helps your camcorder to connect to the PC. Don't ignore this feature if you wish to share the pictures and videos with your friends over the net. Make sure the camcorder has USB jack or FireWire if you wish to load your videos on your computer and edit them.

Battery runs your camcorder. Standard battery is able to pull your camcorder comfortably for one hour. Find out whether a battery charger is available with your camcorder.

Besides these features megapixels and autofocus also form important features to be considered. The autofocus enable you to take pictures of fast moving objects while megapixel makes the pictures more sharp and clear. Higher the megapixels, brighter and sharper the image is.

Best is, experiment with one. See that you are comfortable handling it. See that you understand the features well. See that the camcorder is not bulky and heavy. See that your camcorder works well with still pictures. Also check the flash light option. Ask your friends about the camcorders they are using. Which feature they find most interesting and which feature they miss in their camcorder.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Importance of Industrial Computers

Computers are everywhere in the industry. They are in fact becoming an essential part of the industry. You can find them at the place of production. You can also find them at warehouses and almost everywhere and everyplace related to manufacturing of products.

Using computer in the industry increase the productivity and thus improves the profitability of the firm. The environment in a typical industry consists of dust, water, humidity, explosive materials and suspended particles. Under these conditions using a computer becomes a challenge.

Thus this makes the industrial computers expensive. They also need to be upgraded over time. This is to keep in pace with the technology. As the replacement cost of such computers is high hence they are upgraded occasionally. Due to this very reason stable hardware and software is used so that they can be used in the harsh environment to earn the profit for the company.

To make them withstand the environment in which they are used, different computers are designed. The industrial computers are so designed that they can be used in the harsh conditions of the industry.
Dust proof computers are used extensively in the industry. These computers have internal sealed units so that they are not affected by the dust. The sealing of the parts ensure that the dust does not penetrate the internal part of the computer and choke them leading to overheating and short circuiting of the machine. These computers are designed under US or European guidelines.

They are designed such that they get protection from the explosive and humid environment of the manufacturing place where they are used. There are enclosures designed so that the computers can be prevented from heat, dust, water and explosive material.

Waterproof computers for the industries are designed for the industries where the water forms an important part of manufacturing process. The standard personal computer can also be used and placed in a waterproof enclosure. The waterproof computers are made of outdated material to provide for resistance. These cannot be upgraded. Hence using standard personal computer in a waterproof enclosure can provide for safer and better option.

Single board computer are also used in the industry. They are designed so that they perform single task. For the industry they are designed to withstand shocks, vibrations, radio frequency, dust and other harsh conditions of the industry.

Today there are computers with different features which make the industrial computers reliable to use. They give better supply of power, have cooling fans of high quality, have low failure rate and can be customized to support different processors.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Computer Support - MSCONFIG

The Computer is one of the things which I feel that you will definitely find it to be a necessary evil you must have a computer in your office and even at home on which you work. Every time your computer crashes out you need to call the technician. And I must tell you that either you or the technician is bound to look stupid at sometimes. However if you believe me then I would like to add that it is the technician on most of the cases, so you should not really feel bad.

In the coming paragraphs I am going to tell you about the trick which will help you a lot and you will be saved to call the technician or the Uncle Bobs thirds cousin's friend in order to make your computer again work.

Let's start from the beginning. You must know that what the computer does when it boots up. For this I would like to ask that what you check when you wake up every morning. Not to think it ironically it is quiet sure that you will be quiet frightened if you find out some morning that one of your hand is missing. This is what the computer does when it boots up. It checks whether all its drives and in fact all the hardware are working or not. It uses the registry for this. It checks that all what he remembers is being ticked in the registry or not. Hence you can think of the registry to be the brain. However I would not like you to play with the register if you are new to computers.

Windows come with inbuilt software which manages the registry for you. One of these which you should definitely know is the MSCONFIG. Every program you down load at first is thought that you will need it every time you startup your computer. They really make arrangement so that all these programs start up every time you start up your computer. Even the Microsoft office and the Corel office think that install themselves in the startup process. They must have thought while writing the program that the entire user will need their software every time they start up their computer.

What you all have to do is to at the start and select the run command. Type MSCONFIG. A Window will pop up with few options like normal startup, diagnostic setup and selective startup. You will have to select the selective startup. Then you will have to select the startup at the above part of the window. You will get a list of [programs that automatically runs when you boot your computer. You can disable the program which you do not want to automatically start up.

However you will have to be very selective and cautious. For example you can disable the program like quick task, msn messenger and the yahoo messenger. But you can really not disable some virus programs or the hardware like printer mouse etc.

Hence I do feel that a proper use of MS CONFIG can be a great advantage and a handy tool in your hand.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Website Design New York

If you are New York and you are in some business then I must tell you that you cannot really survive without the web site. Hence it is really very important to note that website is a must for you and you will definitely have to get in touch with some website designer so that you can prepare your own website.

There are various website designing in New York who really provides the facility of the website designing. Keeping in mind your company's goals and individuality, most of the foremost website design experts in New York offer high class service, ranging from ecommerce solutions to customized desktop applications. They develop exceptional and functional websites which are sure to improve your business.

Website developers in New York are really providing some of the excellent services and I must say that they use all the modern and latest techniques to build the website.
  1. Flash and multimedia development
  2. Website template creation
  3. Corporate logo creation
  4. Banner designing
  5. Identity and brand driven web designing
  6. Web layout/page creation
  7. E-commerce website creation with shopping cart solutions, online
  8. Catalogues, and more
  9. Flash headers and photo slide shows
  10. JavaScript programming
  11. Audio and video streaming
These all are done with the help of the latest technology. All have the respective importance.
Behind all this there are some basic objectives of the website designers. They are as follows:
  1. Combining eye-catching graphic design with innovative web technologies
  2. Develop websites that are attractive
  3. user friendly
  4. search engine friendly
  5. crisp and understandable
  6. quick loading
  7. easy to update
  8. expand
  9. And resolution compatible
You must have heard about the asp.net and the PHP. I must tell you that these two are the latest technologies which are used for coding purpose. I must tell you that you will find both of them to be equally good.

I do feel that the most important thing apart from all this is the color which really is very important if you want to make your website look attractive. You must know that dark red and blue are the busy colors and the white and the cream colors are the symbol of relaxation. Hence you can really make the background with different colors but you must know that you will have to make sure that you know the meaning for which different colors stand for.

If you will clearly look at the website development industry then you will definitely find out that there are lots more work to be done in this field and it is still an open market. I do feel that you can make thousands of dollars in this field.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spice D88 Mobile Phone

Spice D88 is the first dual mode mobile of India. It allows the user to use both the technology related to GSM and the CDMA. It gives you two numbers one of GSM and the other of CDMA and you can switch between the two whenever you require it. It lets you call from any SIM cards either it is GSM or the CDMA. This technology is not a new one. It really makes better arrangements for you and is quiet economical as well.


Following are some of the special features of this mobile phone:
  1. It gives the user freedom to use two numbers on same mobile phone. It allows you to switch between two numbers whenever you want. It lets you to make calls and messages from any SIM.
  2. It features a 1.3 mega pixel camera and the 262k screen. The camera is really very good and provides a good resolution when you will like to take any photograph. The standard of the photograph taken from this mobile phone is generally very good.
  3. This phone has all the normal features like phone book entry, call waiting options, call registers and lots of hello tunes.
  4. It has also the features like calendar and the alarm clock as well as the calculator.
  5. The phone is also equipped with the FM and you will also get one headphone with the hand set.
  6. As far as the connectivity is concerned I do feel that you will definitely find the USB with the set. However the connectivity is just limited to the USB.
  7. The set do not have any inbuilt memory but it comes with the 1 GB micro SD card.
You must be wondering up till now that how you can really operate the both the numbers at a time.However I must tell you that it is really quiet easy. All you have to do is to use the option of cal waiting. When you are using the CDMA number and you suddenly receive the phone call on the GSM then the GSM number phone call will be in call waiting mode. You can really change and receive any of the two calls. The other number will automatically be transferred to the call waiting mode. However I must tell you that it is not all that easy. I do feel that you will definitely find lots of difficulty in doing this since you will always come up with some drawbacks. All I can say at present is that the research is still under process.

However this phone has really brought the revolution in the field of mobile technology and I do feel that you can only hope some better phone using this technology in the coming future.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mistakes in Launching a Software Product

To make your software product a hit it is important to avoid the undesired situation altogether. If avoiding the situation is not possible then try to limit it to minimum so that the launch of your software goes exactly as scheduled. But what can you do to make sure that all the things are right, are in place and are up to the mark? There are ways to ascertain all this. Ask yourself certain questions.

What is the budget for the launch?

A pre defined budget save you from last minute expenses. It is important to frame a realistic budget which covers all the aspects of the launch. Well laid budget saves you from overspending. Also make sure that you lay down a part of your budget for those unforeseen situations which might spoil the launch of your software.

What is your market strategy?

A market strategy equips you with all the tactics so that you can make your product a success. Make a team comprising members from all the level of management so that you have all the brains working at different management level which can suggest you the most innovative solutions to make launch a hit. Work with the team to research the market, to find out your strength and weakness so that you have all the information which you can dissipate to the media as well as hand over to your advertizing department or the agency or the concerned committee looking after the launch.

Can you prelaunch your product?

You designed the product for your customers and not for yourself and it is your customers who will use your product. Therefore it is important to get their feedback. For this you can test market the product. You can take up some surveys and get the feedback. Pre launching is all about making your customers aware of the product that you will launch in future. Test marketing and collecting the feedback will help you to create awareness and discover weakness well in advance. This will give you time to make improvements before you finally launch it to your customers.

Did you provide all the information to your advertizing company?

This is important so that they can devise the right strategy for the launch.

Are all the resources arranged and well in order?

This will ensure that all the proceedings on D-day happen as per plan.

When do you plan to launch your software?

Make sure that you don't finalize a date which clashes with another big event or launch which draws all the attention and you are left with on audience. Inform your audience well in advance but tell them about your product but don't disclose all the features. Keep them hidden to generate some curiosity.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Sony Ericsson W710i Mobile Phone

People take their phone with them while they are jogging. They do the jogging for a quiet a good number of kilometers. While on your run I do feel that you must have always thought of some kind of gadgets being installed in your mobile phone. For example you will definitely find some way to calculate how far you have run, at what speed you were running and how many steps you have taken. You must know that all these calculation are either done by the speedometer of the pedometer. I must say if you have ever dreamed of such features in your mobile phone then I must say that you search is over now. The Sony Ericsson W710i really comes up with all such features.

The fitness application really helps you in calculating the distance you have run and even how many steps you have taken. While some sporty enthusiast would definitely like to have some more features but it is really excellent for a common man. Other consumers have really given the suggestion to include the GPS antenna to calculate the distance. But in this mobile a speedometer is planted and it does the rest. The pedometer calculates the number of steps which you have taken to complete the jogging. The pedometer automatically resets itself at midnight and saves the data for your strides for the day so that you can retrieve the data easily whenever you require it.

The phone also comes up with the calorie counter as well. It will give you the exact details of the amount of calorie which you have burnt during the jogging. This can really be a great thing for you if you do the exercise daily to maintain your body. You will be glad to note that you will not require any other gadget for this. You can easily set your Sony W710i mobile and then you can easily get all such information. It comes with a strap for the arm and also the belt clip. The pedometer will not work without this.

Apart from all this you will also find some great music facilities as well. The mobile allows the 10MB memory for music. However you can select the extra memory card as well. The phone comes up with the 512 memory card. But you can buy the memory card of larger size afterwards as well. A digital headphone is also provided with the mobile and you can always listen to some of the best songs while you are jogging.
The camera is also good but you will not find it to be as good as some other sets of Sony. However you must remember that it is a walkman phone rather than camera phone.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bleu 555X Mobile Phone

This mobile phone gives you all the features which you want in your mobile. Let's explore the features which this phone offers.

The design

This is an ultra slim mobile with 1.8 inches of screen. The mobile is coated with plastic in front which add to its reflectivity. This is light in weight and carries an internal antenna.

The keypad is simple to work with. They are similar to those found in most of the cell phones. The number of keys is in their usual number. There are two soft keys on the side. Besides it has a five way navigation pad. On the right side there are volume control buttons. Below these soft buttons which help you to control volume there is a media key.

The media key launches the media in a standby mode. This button has on more application. While using the camera this button act as a shutter button and helps you to open and close the camera. Below this media key there is an USB port where you can connect your headphone.


The phone has a two mega pixel camera. This comes with CMSO technology, this technology helps to convert the light into electrons. With this camera you can shoot stills as well as record your own videos. With the 1.8 inch TFT screen and 128 x 160 resolutions you can view the picture that you shoot.


This is the feature which adds value to this phone. Not only you but many along whit you can talk to the person on the other side. The sound quality and the capacity which the speaker of this phone delivers are remarkable.


This phone comes with an extendable memory. The internal storage is sixty MB. The multimedia menu displays the files that remain stored in the phone and the card memory. This feature is of importance but to access these files you will have to go through the multimedia browser.


For the music lovers this phone gives them the FM radio which you can schedule to record transmission directly into internal and external storage in .amr format. The integrated music player support formats such as MIDI, AMR, MP3, AAC and WAVE.


The battery is lithium ion one which support two hours of talk time and fifty hours of standby with intermittent use of multimedia use without a recharge. You also get an additional battery in package which just double the time of usage.

What more?

This phone support Bluetooth and five types of games out of which two are java games. GPRS feature keeps you connected with the internet world. All this wrapped up in a small sleek mobile which you can cary in your pocket wherever you go.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Dangers of Online Video Games

Games have their own advantage. Where outdoor games are important for the overall development of the individuals, indoor games help them to develop and sharpen certain skills. Games are the ways by which you and your kids learn to socialize and compete. This holds true for the online games as well. 

Different online games are now available which help you to improve your strategic skills, thinking and tactical skills. There are games help you to improve your concentration and your mental alertness. But sometimes these games become more than just a play. The play which starts with the recreation aim soon turns into an addiction. 

It is one of the growing problems which are common both among the children and adults. An online game addict spends hours in front of the computer and overlooks other activities. Kids overlook their school assignments and lag behind in their studies. They slowly turn away from their friends and sit in front of the computer for hours designing strategies, searching for cheat codes so that they can defeat a virtual conspirator. 

The dangers of online video games 

The person who spends hours and hours in front of computer playing games commonly suffer from sleeplessness, dry eyes and carpel tunnel injury. There teenagers become reclusive and some addicts also drop out from their high school to play the games online. The kids who spend about eight to ten hours in front of computer playing games show a decline in their studies, their grades suffer badly and they are more prone to turn away from their friends. Cases of divorce are high among the adults who spend hours playing online games. These individuals not only have a disturbed personal life but also suffer from job loss and financial crisis. Online game addicts spend more on such games affect their finances. 

Computer games have changed over the years. They have transformed from one to one game to multiple player games. There are online games which give you the option to challenge players from around the world. This has opened doors to some of the more serious threats to which your child or anyone gets exposed as soon as they join and interact with the gaming community. 

Individuals who chat regularly with their online gamers and become a regular member of such sites are more susceptible to identity theft. There are sexual predators that hover around such sites. They join such sites and lure teens and adults alike to the physical world. 

Like all addictions this too can be cured. Parenting is the best way to control and prevent such online threats. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sony Ericsson T303-Mid-Range Slider Phone

the phone which is packed with all the mid ranged features which are mostly found among most of the mobile phone available in the market. Due to this very aspect this phone will trade purely on the basis of looks, designs and the preferences of average mobile phone users.  

The phone comes with all the features bundled up in a small black or silver casing. Shimmering black is more appealing to the eyes while the silver gives a more sophisticated and techno look. The metallic chrome finish gives it a more stylish appearance. 

The screen measures about two inches. It is a colored TFT with a resolution of about 128 x 160 pixel displaying up to 65 K colors. With such a resolution and range of fine colors the screen gives a high quality picture display. 

The phone comes with integrated 1.3 megapixel camera. With this camera you can capture all the memorable moments that you want to. The digital zoom helps you to do this with ease. With the USB port provided you can also transfer the videos or the stills of your choice to your personal computer and share them with your friends or stream them on you tube. 

The phone support Bluetooth technology so that you can share and transfer the files wirelessly with the other Bluetooth enabled devices within the range. 

The top of the phone has a well built stylish and plump navigation keys. But as you slide up the phone a keypad is revealed which has well built small easy to use well spaced keys. This phone which measures eighty three by forty seven by fourteen millimeters is easy to handle and hold. 

Sony Ericsson has a long battery life with a fully charged battery giving nine hours of talk time and four hundred hours of standby mode. This is a tri-band GPS/GPRS mobile phone which can connect you with anyone and anywhere across the globe. 

The built in media players surely will cater to your entertainment tooth. The FM radio keeps you connected to the world while the media player makes you enjoy video and music playback as well. The phone comes with the music list. You can add your own list as well. What more? This slider phone comes with the embedded java games. With the Bluetooth technology and the download options you can also make a list of your own games, videos and music. 

If you are an average mobile phone user who would like to have connectivity along with music list, FM radio, camera and technology such as Bluetooth wrapped up in a stylish and appealing design then you will surely love to have Sony Ericsson T303 slider phone.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Applications for Mobile

What can you do with your mobile? You can store phone numbers and address of your friends and family, record calls, track the previous calls, set up reminders, set alarm, text message your friends, chat, browse internet, send picture messages, shoot pictures and videos, make your own notebook of daily activities, play games and stay connected with the world with latest news headline, download messages, ringtones and compose your own tones. 

This list is just an insight. Many more such applications can be added to this list. This list in fact represents the applications which all types of the mobile phones bring to us. There are smart phones and advanced versions as well which provide us with many more applications. 

You must have used yahoo messenger through your mobile. Yahoo mobile is the most common application of mobile which almost all of us have used one time or the other.  A small change in yahoo messenger and you can contact with your online buddies. AIM sync is the free service which helps you to synchronize your mobile phone with your Microsoft Outlook. 

The internet access is an extension of this feature. Smart phone available in the market today help you to access internet, compose and post mail so that you can stay in contact with your business and team of employees wherever you are. Some smart phones also support installation and running of video conferencing applications. 

Mobile devices today help you to share the data wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth enabled mobile phones help you to share the ringtones, wallpapers and important data. Bluetooth enabled mobiles also help you to mail or order print or fax if the devices for the same are Bluetooth enabled and within the range of handset. 

With mobile phones you can crop and develop your own movie clips, use USB ports to transfer the data on your computer or stream them on you tube and share them with your buddies. 

The GPs enabled phones act as tracking devices. These phones guide you where you are and what the best possible route can be to your destination. Most common application is the Google maps. These are available online and can be referred whenever you feel lost in a city.

Mobile commerce is gaining importance these days. This is the facility which is available to the users and which enable them to perform specific banking operations through mobile. 

Adding to the application is the spy software. This is the tracking and recording software which you can download on your mobile and once active help you to track and record the call or messages. 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nokia N95 8GB Camera Phone

Nokia is the popular mobile maker company famous for its latest high tech mobile phones in the market completely alluring the consumers. We get the Smartphone which has not only the advanced features of sending and receiving calls but also the music player, high mega pixel camera, Internet browsing facilities. We know of the famous N-Series of Nokia which act as the real competitor with other mobile phones such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and Motorola. In that famous N-Series we have N95 8GB. This mobile phone is actually known as the successor of the previous famous old Nokia N95.

But to know what is all in the Nokia N95 8GB model, we have to go into the depth for knowing its features and characteristics.
  • Successor of N95: - This N95 8GB is also called as the memory brother of N95 model. It has the internal memory of 8GB which really makes its owners proud of it. It has all the features as you will find in the Nokia N95 but apart from that you will be surprised to get more. 
  • Structure and Portability: - Talking about the looks this new model has the sleek and compact black case. It weighs 128 grams and so it will not be any problem holding it our hands. It is really a portable phone and can be easily carried in our pockets. But still it is a bit bulky and an innovative 2 way slide phone.
  • Screen: - This mobile has the best looks as well as the crystal clear 2.8 inch TFT screen with superb contrast, brightness features and that perfect resolution for watching the videos or images with pleasure. The screen is basically the touch screen which is user friendly with small icons. With the automatic screen resolution you can easily view the pictures and videos without twisting your phone to see them the way they were taken in your phone. 
  • Memory: - The biggest advantage of Nokia N95 8GB is the improvement in memory as compared to the old N95. This new successor has the internal flash memory of 8GB and so now you can store lots of data such as pictures, images, songs etc.
  • Music player: - This phone has an exciting music player which supports various audio formats such as MP3, WMA and MPEG. With the huge amount of memory you can record and store the music or even share it with others on the Internet. This mobile phone offers 20 hours of video and even 6000music songs. It also has a built-in FM radio to look out for the radio stations visually. Nokia Music Store facility helps you to get the latest music.
  • Camera: - The additional feature that you will find in N95 GB is that you get the best shot from the awesome built-in 5 megapixel camera. It captures the video in VGA up to 30 frames per second. The video mode captures the sound in stereo. 
  • Internet: - It gives the high browsing Internet facility as it has the HSDPA and EDGE technologies built in to it. It also has the Bluetooth wireless technology with A2DP and EDR and even USB interface to help in the data transference. It has the direct compatibility of connecting to your TV also.
  • Games: - The Nokia N95 8GB mobile phone supports services like NGage Mobile Games so that you can explore into a world of leisure. Access millions of music songs from the Nokia Music Store or get a preview at NGage mobile gaming.
This Nokia N95 8GB is a perfect well known model and also called as the successor or the memory brother of old Nokia N95.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Are Browser Hijackers?

Browser Hijacker is a malware program that completely alters the settings of your Web Browser and takes you to those malicious websites which you had not intended to visit. A browser hijacker can record all those web pages the user visits and send gathered information out through a background Internet connection. All browser hijackers are harmful and therefore are always classified as security and privacy risks.

How it infects your PC?
  • Browser hijackers are not like viruses. They do not spread by themselves but there are various ways of getting into the system.
  • Browser hijackers are installed by unsafe freeware, shareware or advertising-supported programs such as various browser add-ons or toolbars.
  • Lots of spyware and adware sites are integrated with browser hijackers that get silently installed and are not removed by removing a particular adware or spyware.
  • Some widely spread browser hijackers get into the system using Internet Explorer ActiveX controls. Their authors run apprehensive web sites filled with malicious code or distribute insecure advertising pop-ups. Whenever a user visits such a site or clicks on such a pop-up, harmful scripts instantly install a parasite. A user cannot notice anything doubtful, as browser hijackers do not display any setup wizards, dialogs or warnings.
What browser hijacker does?
  • Browser hijacker can change the web browser web page to a particular website without the user permission.
  • It also changes the web browser's default search page to malicious website.
  • It sets its own error page instead of the web browser's default one and whenever user enters invalid address; it redirects the web browser to that predefined illegal website.
  • It decreases default security level and adds undesirable or insecure resources to the trusted sites list. It even blocks some reputable Internet resources, opens different web sites instead of requested ones. Thus degrades web browser stability and performance.
  • It can easily track the user's web browsing routines, records addresses of visited sites and sends collected data to a remote server.
  • They are not visible to user in order to obstruct its removal.
  • Consequences of browser hijacker
  • The popular and most visited websites get blocked and required information cannot be searched.
  • It even affects the system and installed softwares. Some reputable applications and browser plug-ins may be also affected by browser hijacker activity.
  • They disclose user's private information to advertisers and hackers.
  • Some people have lost their jobs because of explicit pornographic content found on their computers just because of the browser hijackers.
Removal of Browser hijacker
  • The browser hijackers are not removed by the popular antivirus products. To remove them, special anti-virus tools should be used. They have special parasite databases which allow them to detect and eliminate the risky browser hijacker.
  • Powerful spyware removers include real-time monitors that prevent the installation of known risks and unauthorized system modification.
  • There are various Internet resources which provide manual malware removal instructions. These instructions allow the user to manually delete all the files, directories, registry entries and other objects that belong to a parasite.
Thus this was the complete information about browser hijacker which really creates terrible problems for us and should be removed to be safe from the malicious websites.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spy Cell Phones

Phone tapping is a thing of past now. Spy cell phones are here to take up the job. These are the small detectives which you can carry with you wherever you feel like. This cell phone enables you to monitor, hear and record the conversations which you wish to record on your cell phone.

Earlier phone tapping or wiretapping was used to spy on the conversation. Wiretapping was used to tap, track, record and hear the conversation and track the criminals or any suspicious activities taking place in any area. This mode was commonly used by the detectives to track any suspicious activities. Today with the help of spy cell phones things have become much easier.

These phones can be set up in the ghost mode and used as spy gadgets. When configured in the ghost mode they although appear switched off but they still can answer the calls silently without even being detected.

You can download software and eavesdrop on anyone. This software enables you to monitor the calls and text messages. This software also helps you to automatically alert the system whenever you dial a certain number. Such tools and software are available online. You just have to search them, download them on your mobile and start using them.

Services such as World Tracker are available online which can help you to track the mobile conversation and the mobile user. This tool takes the help of the Global Positioning System in the mobile and the data from the cell phone towers. With the help of all the data and the GPS you can track the individual and detect his location till the person has a mobile phone with him which is working and switched on. The only requirement with this tool is that the mobile that you wish to track should have the GPS facility. The World Tracker is available online. You just have to download it and follow the instructions to install and activate it with your mobile.

There is another tool called as the Flexispy which help you to detect and track the conversation and text messages. But for this the microphones of your mobile should be in a perfect condition so that they deliver you a clear conversation.

What the law says for these spying cell phones?
For this read the disclaimer attached to the software before you download it. The law is still intact and does not allow the use of software for any illegal activities. You cannot use the software without the consent of the other party whom you want to spy.

How to find out that your mobile is being tracked?
This is a tough job. But if mobile gives you some trouble when you either switch it on or off then it might be carrying a spy. Besides you also sometimes hear some disturbing sounds whenever you bring it close to your ear. Your cell phone may also light up even when you are not using it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Web Design Basics

Before you start with the process take a tour across the internet and visit some of the popular websites. Start with Google or Yahoo. Observe them and go through their design.

What you see when you open Google? The logo and the search bar which is right in front of you. Google is so simple yet so clear. This is a search engine which is there for the individuals who want to search for specific terms, definitions, and information on the internet. It is there with the objective to provide the user with the search engines and the site achieves its aim very well.

Google has no distractions and no pop ups to annoy you. As the site opens you see the search bar where you can enter the phrase or the word which you want to search. The color scheme is again soothing to the eyes and distinguishes very well different parts which the site holds for you.

What about Yahoo? This site too has all the things which you want any site like this to have. It has the search bar. Besides, Yahoo has different heads which navigate you to different other services which Yahoo gives to different users. You can find the news round ups which tell you about latest happenings, the mail option which direct you to yahoomail where you can sign in and check your inbox, astrology which direct you to the astrology page where you can know about your future predictions and a lot more.

What's the idea then?
If you want your website to be a success then keep it simple and clear. For this frame your objective first. Find out why you want to be there on the internet. Whom you want to target? Your website should reflect the purpose as to why you are there on the web. Your website should also stand out to the users whom you want to target. If you are clear with your aim you can very well provide the users the service which they are looking for. This is the key to success.

What else can you do to make your website a hit among your target users?
Well for this make it simple, clear and include all the features which you can which your users find beneficial. But ensure that you don't turn your website into a brochure.

Pay attention to the color scheme. Colors should be appealing to the eyes but your site should not appear too flashy. Ensure that your site does not hold the pop ups. Some individuals find it annoying and you might loose some of your valuable users due to the pop ups.

Provide for easy navigation facility. Make sure that your site does not take too much of time to download. And last but not the least; make sure that your website is search friendly. Ensure that your website performs well and is there whenever user searches for the specific information which your website holds.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Important Things You Need to Know about iPod Movies

The movies are first converted from their original format to the format that can be played on the iPod with movie player system. You can download the movie from the sites dedicated to iPods or from the Apple iPod movie store. You don't have to be an expert to store the movies on your iPod. Just download the QuickTime program, follow the instructions and it will do the job for you.

The iTunes can also do the job for you. Connect your iPod to your computer. Once they recognize and connect, open iTunes. Then open the file menu and click 'add to library' option. Open the movie that you want to add and then click add movie. Then click the movie option, click sync movies and then click apply. The movie downloads on your iPod.

Different types of software are available so that you can download the movies on your iPod in the format in which the iPod can play them for you. Software with numerous codec converts the audio video files such as AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4, DYX, VOB and WMV of format. This software also optimizes the files so that you can store them on iPhone, iPod nano, iPod and iPod touch. You can download the software from websites.

The iPod uses MPEG-4 format to play videos. This format can play Movie files of AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4, RM, DYX, VOB, WMV format. Apple also offers quick time 7 pro. With this program you can play the home videos and movie videos which are not designed to play on the iPod.

You can download this program from the Apple website. You can share the videos with your friends or you can also personalize your iPod video. You have to select and export the movie. With your personal computer you can download the movie from the device and then add the movie in the files in the QuickTime program files.

After you add the movie, reach the drop down menu and click the export option to complete the process. This stores the movie on your computer. To store it on your iPod you have to sync it with your personal computer.

With your Mac computer, upload the movie to your on the QuickTime program menu reach the drop down box. Click on the title of the movie to save it on your Mac. The scroll bar with the QuickTime will tell you about the progress of transfer. After you save the file, you have to sync your iPod with the computer to enjoy the movie.

Once you sync the movie gets stored in your iPod. Next time you wish to enjoy the video you can play it on your iPod. You don't have to sync your iPod with your computer again.

Friday, January 9, 2009

How to Save Your Car Gas

To save gas and increase your car mileage use latest technology and run your car on water or batteries. To run your car on water you need hydrogen fuel cell. This cell is a small kit. This kit is nothing but an assembly of two metal plates and water. The metal plates act as electrode. When the current passes through them water breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen gas is made to pass into the gas tank. The gas is absorbed there which in turn improves the combustion of the fuel. As the combustion is improved the efficiency of your car also improves. Your car now uses less fuel, gives greater mileage and emits fewer pollutants.

You can also convert your car into an electric vehicle and save on gas. But for this you have to modify the mechanical parts of your car. Therefore you should be well versed with all the parts and their functions.
You will have to replace the car engine with the electric motor. Electric kits are available in the market. These kits are an assembly of batteries and controller battery charger. You can use electric car conversion guide to convert your gasoline car into an electric car.

If you are not comfortable with all such conversions and wish to continue with your gasoline engine then you can use following tips to improve the mileage of your car:
  • Check the air filters regularly. Replace the filter if it is damaged or saturated with dust. This will improve the mileage by as much as 10 percent.
  • Check the engine regularly. Tune the engine. This will improve the gas efficiency by about four percent. Besides this check the oxygen sensor regularly. This will improve the mileage substantially.
  • Use the motor oil recommended by the manufacturer of your car and increase gas efficiency by two to three percent.
  • Check the air in the tires regularly. Keeping the tires of your car inflated to and in proper condition increases the fuel utilization efficiency by about three to four percent.
  • Avoid unnecessary start and stop of the engine.
  • Make sure that you don't rev up the engine just before you turn it off. This not only consumes fuel but also leads to gushing of the oil to the cylinder which in turn lowers the pressure of the oil.
  • Warming up of engine for a long time consumes large amount of fuel. Avoid this. A warm up of thirty to forty five seconds is more than enough.
Always remember your car needs a regular care. Don't avoid the regular maintenance services. Skipping them will lower the fuel efficiency of your car.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tips to convert movie DVDs to your iPhone 3G

To convert the movie DVD to your iPhone 3G you need software. You can download the free software from the website or you can purchase it from the market. Download the software and start with the process.

You need separate software to convert the movie to your iPhone. There are software such as Clone2go DVD ripper and Wondershare available that help you to rip DVD and convert video files.

Converting movie DVDs to iPhone is a two step process. First you have to load the movie on your personal computer. After ripping DVD to your computer you have to convert video to iPhone 3G. To rip the DVD to your computer you have to load the movie on your computer. Click the load IFO button and then open the DVD movie folder.

In this folder go to video_TS option and click it. As the folder opens select the IFO files and then click ok. This imports the movie. Now you can check the different chapters and select the one which you want to convert to your iPhone.

Before you convert the movie to iPhone make some settings by going to the setting folder and set the video and audio encoding settings with video resolution, frame rate, audio encoder, video encoder, bit rate and sample rate.

After you have made the settings click the start button to start the conversion. As the conversion completes you can transfer the files to your iPhone 3G. You can straight away transfer the movie or you can crop it and add movie effects before you transfer the movie to your iPhone.

You can crop the blank part of the movie with crop function. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast and audio volume to improve the effects of your favorite movie.

Done with all this, now, your movie is ready to be converted o your iPhone 3G. For conversion again you need to install new software. You can download the Wondershare video to convert movie to iPhone. Finished with downloading the software, click the add button and browse the video file that you have ripped on your computer.

Next, go to settings and select the settings for your movie. Save the files in a folder. If you wish to encode all the files under same parameters then select apply to all function. You can also merge all the added files into one with merge into one file option. Now all you have to do is click the start button to start the conversion.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Global Warming and Deforestation

Global warming is the continuous increase in the temperature of the earth. This increase in temperature is attributed to different factors. Deforestation and greenhouse gases are considered as the main cause of global warming. Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxides and water vapor are some of the green house gases that are increasing the temperature of earth.

The main source of these green house gases are the power plants and vehicles that we drive. These gases absorb and trap the heat from the sun and thus raise the temperature of the earth. This increase in the average temperature of the earth is what is called as global warming. Human activities are contributing to the increase in the green house gases.

Vehicles that we run on the roads contribute about twenty percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Besides this the power plants which are used to generate electricity are the main contributors of carbon dioxide.

Deforestation is further contributing to rising temperature. Humans are cutting down trees and destructing forest to get more and more land for construction and agriculture. All these activities are adversely affecting the climate of the earth.
The trees act like a big sponge for carbon dioxide. Trees use this gas to manufacture food. In the process they release oxygen as by product. Along with this they also hold the water in the earth surface and maintain the water cycle.

Continuous degradation of the forests is disrupting the water cycle and the ecosystems. This in turn is disrupting the ecological cycles. Burning of forests to recover the land for agriculture purposes in turn add to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

All these factors contribute to the rising temperature of the earth. This rise in temperature is causing the glaciers to melt. The water from the melting glaciers is causing the level of the sea to rise.

This is affecting the biodiversity and disrupting the ecological balance. By pulling down every tree we are in fact pulling our planet and ourselves into trouble.

Deforestation also results in the erosion of the soil surface. They maintain the water cycle. Trees draw water from the earth through their roots and release it into the atmosphere as water vapor. This results in rain. Deforestation affects this cycle which may result in drier climate and few or no rains.

They also absorb and hold a lot of water on earth surface. They thus act as a sponge for the earth surface. When they are recklessly removed the earth is devoid of this sponge and hence the rain water has no where to go but to enter our homes. This is what is causing the floods.

Deforestation and global warming thus go hand in hand. To reduce global warming it is important to conserve forests and plant more trees.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How an iPod Is Different from an MP3 Player

MP3 player is a portable device which you can carry in your hand or pocket. You can store in this portable device the list of music that you want to enjoy. This handy device stores, organize and plays your favorite music albums for you.

The MP3 player has a memory and software which help you to transfer the music files from your player to your computer and vice versa. For this file transfer you require USB ports. There are different features which your MP3 gives you. You can enjoy radio on your MP3. You can also transfer files from your computer using the USB port. You can arrange, store and organize and play the music albums. It also provides you with the equalization option.

The MP3 player converts the digital signals to analog signals. The audio file that you store in your MP3 is in the form of digital file. When you press the play button you hear the song which is the analog form of the digital stream in which it is stored in the MP3 memory.

Depending on the storage media used, the MP3 can be classified into different types. The flash memory players are most popular type of MP3 players. These players hold the songs in the flash memory or the memory card and use less battery. MP3 player with such type of memory are available with a capacity of 32 GB.

So, how is the MP3 player different from the iPod? There is no difference. IPod is a type of MP3 player. IPod is an MP3 designed by Apple. The iPods today can play music as well as videos. You can use the iPods to view movies, play games and watch your favorite music videos. You can also store text and reminders on your iPod.

These are simple devices which you can carry in your pocket and anywhere you like. They have the software iTunes. This software helps you to manage the files on your iPod. You can add or remove the music files or video files on your iPod with the help of this software.

Use the USB port to connect your iPod to your computer. The iTunes will automatically update the files on your iPod depending on how often you play a particular song. Although you can use your iPod on different computers but the working is unidirectional. The software also helps you to load the music from CDs to MP3 format and store it on your computer.
Both iPod and Mp3 players are same and there is no difference between the two.