Monday, February 23, 2009

Astronomical Telescope: Amazing Way to See Star to Stars

We use telescope to view the distant objects. Astronomical telescope is used for stargazing. Telescopes are refracting and reflecting telescopes. The telescope has two lenses. One is the objective lens and other the eyepiece. The objective lens receives the light from the distant objects and converge it to the eyepiece lens. The eyepiece lens spread the light so that the image is formed in the retina of the eye.

The image formed depends upon the quality of the lens used. Higher the quality, more clear and sharp is the image. To make the best use of your astronomical telescope, you have to carry it to a place away from the country, where you can find clear sky.

You can search the websites and the libraries to find out what you can see with your telescope. The astronomical charts are available in the libraries. These charts come with explanations and prove a very helpful guide to find out what we can see with our telescope.

Consider certain points if you are going to buy a telescope. First be aware that if you are going to buy a cheap telescope then it will only help you to view the clear sky and not the distant stars for which you wish to purchase it. Search for planet telescope with 20 x 50 listing. This number tells you that the object will be magnified for about twenty times of what you see with your normal eye.

Never get swayed with the images printed on the cover of the telescope box. They are from the professionals. And when you search the object from your telescope, they appear in black and white.
Understand the object first and then go out into the market for purchase. First find out why you need the telescope and what you want to see in the sky. Then move out into the market to search one.

There are basically two types of telescopes available in the market; Refractive telescope and reflective telescope. The Kepler telescope is the improved form of Gallilean telescope and it comes under the category of refractive telescopes. This Kepler telescope use convex eyepiece in contrast to the concave eyepiece used in Gallilean telescope.

You can use your telescope to view different type of stars in the sky, the meteors and lots of things. Telescope in fact unfolds the sky above. You can peep into the sky and explore different stars, planets and look at the places which we cannot see with our naked eyes.

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