Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spice D88 Mobile Phone

Spice D88 is the first dual mode mobile of India. It allows the user to use both the technology related to GSM and the CDMA. It gives you two numbers one of GSM and the other of CDMA and you can switch between the two whenever you require it. It lets you call from any SIM cards either it is GSM or the CDMA. This technology is not a new one. It really makes better arrangements for you and is quiet economical as well.


Following are some of the special features of this mobile phone:
  1. It gives the user freedom to use two numbers on same mobile phone. It allows you to switch between two numbers whenever you want. It lets you to make calls and messages from any SIM.
  2. It features a 1.3 mega pixel camera and the 262k screen. The camera is really very good and provides a good resolution when you will like to take any photograph. The standard of the photograph taken from this mobile phone is generally very good.
  3. This phone has all the normal features like phone book entry, call waiting options, call registers and lots of hello tunes.
  4. It has also the features like calendar and the alarm clock as well as the calculator.
  5. The phone is also equipped with the FM and you will also get one headphone with the hand set.
  6. As far as the connectivity is concerned I do feel that you will definitely find the USB with the set. However the connectivity is just limited to the USB.
  7. The set do not have any inbuilt memory but it comes with the 1 GB micro SD card.
You must be wondering up till now that how you can really operate the both the numbers at a time.However I must tell you that it is really quiet easy. All you have to do is to use the option of cal waiting. When you are using the CDMA number and you suddenly receive the phone call on the GSM then the GSM number phone call will be in call waiting mode. You can really change and receive any of the two calls. The other number will automatically be transferred to the call waiting mode. However I must tell you that it is not all that easy. I do feel that you will definitely find lots of difficulty in doing this since you will always come up with some drawbacks. All I can say at present is that the research is still under process.

However this phone has really brought the revolution in the field of mobile technology and I do feel that you can only hope some better phone using this technology in the coming future.

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