Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Samsung J700 Pink Sleek styling with essential features

This tiny slider gizmo comes in pink. It gives you all the features which you can think of. It gives you the camera to catch those moments that you don't want to miss. It also gives you the Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 player. On the expandable memory you can store whole list of songs.

Samsung J700 is a fashion statement with the slim designs and glossy looks. This pink beauty weight 90 gm and hold all the features which you look for in different mobile phones. The reflective mirror like surface makes it more attractive. As you slide open the phone you see the two inch colored screen.

With 1.3 megapixel camera you can click and capture the precious moments which you don't want to forget. The camera is smart enough top capture the moments with perfect colors and brightness.

With Bluetooth you can connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and exchange wall papers, photos or songs of your choice. With this phone in your hand you don't have to buy a Bluetooth car kit. You can use it safely to connect wirelessly and attend calls on your mobile.

With WAP browser you can browse certain specific text based sites. This mobile set also support the GPRS. With GPRS you can send data text, videos and photos at a much faster speed. Although, the speed is not as fast as the 3G but it gives you a certain level of speed with which you will not be dissatisfied.

This camera phone allows you to share the videos and pictures with your friend. But the condition is that your friend should have a device which could receive the pictures or videos from a camera phone like this one.

With this phone in your pocket you don't have to carry the music player or an MP3 with you. This one is sufficient to cater to your musical inside. With high capacity flash memory card you can store a long list of song and enjoy them wherever and whenever you want.

With FM radio you can enjoy your favorite musical programs and stay connected with the happenings around you. Tune into your favorite station and you can get information about the latest scores, news and reviews.

With picture messaging feature you can add voice, photos or videos to enhance the message content and make it more interesting and mail them to your friends. Besides this the mobile also give you polyphonic ringtones, voice dials, speaker to keep you hands free and vibration alerts.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tips to convert movie DVDs to your iPhone 3G

To convert the movie DVD to your iPhone 3G you need software. You can download the free software from the website or you can purchase it from the market. Download the software and start with the process.

You need separate software to convert the movie to your iPhone. There are software such as Clone2go DVD ripper and Wondershare available that help you to rip DVD and convert video files.

Converting movie DVDs to iPhone is a two step process. First you have to load the movie on your personal computer. After ripping DVD to your computer you have to convert video to iPhone 3G. To rip the DVD to your computer you have to load the movie on your computer. Click the load IFO button and then open the DVD movie folder.

In this folder go to video_TS option and click it. As the folder opens select the IFO files and then click ok. This imports the movie. Now you can check the different chapters and select the one which you want to convert to your iPhone.
Before you convert the movie to iPhone make some settings by going to the setting folder and set the video and audio encoding settings with video resolution, frame rate, audio encoder, video encoder, bit rate and sample rate.

After you have made the settings click the start button to start the conversion. As the conversion completes you can transfer the files to your iPhone 3G. You can straight away transfer the movie or you can crop it and add movie effects before you transfer the movie to your iPhone.

You can crop the blank part of the movie with crop function. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast and audio volume to improve the effects of your favorite movie.

Done with all this, now, your movie is ready to be converted o your iPhone 3G. For conversion again you need to install new software. You can download the Wondershare video to convert movie to iPhone. Finished with downloading the software, click the add button and browse the video file that you have ripped on your computer.

Next, go to settings and select the settings for your movie. Save the files in a folder. If you wish to encode all the files under same parameters then select apply to all function. You can also merge all the added files into one with merge into one file option. Now all you have to do is click the start button to start the conversion.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tips To Keep Laptop Safe

Laptops are an important part of our lives now. For professionals it's a handbag where they store whole lot of information. It is also a gadget which connects them to others. In fact the portable device connects them to their work. Safety of this device thus becomes important.

Here are some of the tips which you can follow if you frequently carry your laptop with you.

Install tracking software
Tracking software like LoJack is available. This software like Global Positioning System tracks your computer when it is connected to the net. With this software on your computer you can find out who has stolen your laptop. This software functions like the GPS. As soon as the thief connects the internet to the laptop, the software sends signals to your company every fifteen minutes.

This method is an expensive one but you can rely on it if you have too much of sensitive data on your machine. Software also helps you to destroy the sensitive data on your laptop but these again work when the thief connects you laptop to internet.

Carry it in a bag
Make sure the bag in which you carry your laptop is adequately padded. Padding provides a cushion and prevents your laptop from any type of physical injury.

Maintain a back up
No matter how stringent precautions you take for your precious laptop, always maintain a back up of your data. This will cover you for the possibility of loosing the data in case your laptop is stolen or damaged.

Maintain a record of all the documents
Keep a record of all the documents related to your laptop. In case your device is stolen, you need these documents to provide a description about the model, serial number and some specific identification of your laptop.

Use passwords
Use passwords to lock your laptop. This ensures that the data on your laptop will not be accessed by the thief unless he hacks your password. A BIOS password gives high level of security to your laptop. With this the thief is not able to even turn on your laptop.

Install antispyware, antivirus
The antivirus and antispyware protect your laptop from the virus and spyware attack which just enter your laptop system from the network. Such software protects your laptop from the thief or hackers on the network.

Make sure that your hard drive is encrypted so that you protect the data on your laptop from the thieves who are interested in the sensitive company information on your portable device.

Besides these measures keep your laptop at home if you are on a holiday. Also never leave your laptop unattended in your car or any other place.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What Are the Top 5 Registry Cleaners?

Corrupt registry can slow your computer. Every time you install and uninstall the programs on your computer your computer forms a new registry key. Besides the programs sometimes do not uninstall completely and thus may corrupt the registry.
You can correct such registry problems on your computer with registry cleaners. Different types of registry cleaners are available in the market. I will share with you top five registry cleaners that are available online as well as in the market.

RegCure registry cleaner
This cleaner prevents your computer from DLL files. With the one click feature you can cure the registry problem. This cleaner give you the back up and restore functions so that you don't have to worry about backups.
The built in scheduler decides when you will repair the registry in future. You can download the cleaner for the site. The site offers free registry scan of your computer. The software uses the latest technology to find and correct all the registry errors. You can customize the settings.

This cleaner uses most advanced technologies to scan the hard drive of your computer. To use this software you don't have to be a techi. ErrorSmart finds out the incomplete uninstalls, spywares and failed installations and removes them in minutes. ErrorSmart thus increase the speed of your computer by about seventy percent.
This software is convenient to install and very easy to use. To clear any doubts you can use the live chat facility which is one of the after sales service provided to ErrorSmart users.

Registry Easy
This cleaner provide you a complete control on the maintenance of your windows. This is a technical one. To use this you should have at least some information of the technical terms. The cleaner scans whole computer thoroughly and list the problems that slow down your computer.

The after sales service is through the frequently asked questions on the website where you can also find the contact details of the experts working with the company.

Registry fix
This is the most popular registry cleaner available in the market. It gives to its users a wonderful after sales support with live chats and contact details features on the website. Run the cleaner and it will correct all the registry problems automatically. It can scan all the types of errors and eliminate them simultaneously. This is for the beginners and technical users.

Error Nuke
This has a built in safety feature called as Window Registry Repair algorithm which ensures that important registry data are not deleted during the cleaning process. The cleaner is easy to install and use. It provides for both manual and automatic features. The technical minded thus can use the manual controls to correct the registry problems with their system.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Unlocking Your Apple iPhone

Locked phone is one in which the SIM card used in the phone is in locked condition. You cannot use the phone and you cannot replace the SIM card with another one. This is a common problem with the CDMA phones. The GSM phones on the other hand are available in unlocked condition and you can use in it a SIM card from any service provider.

Your apple iPhone can get locked if you tend to purchase it in one country and use it in another. This is the common problem which the individuals using Apple iPhone face. To unlock your iPhone you need software. To unlock it you need software of the right kind so that it remains functional.

If you don't have the technical knowledge then the best option for you is to search for the software designed for this purpose.

Many companies offer this service for fees. They promise to unlock your iPhone in return for a fee. The fees may vary from one company to another. Some may charge up to $100 to unlock your iPhone while others may charge less. They vary in this respect and therefore you have to be careful with the price that you pay to get your iPhone unlocked. Avoid the offers which promise you to unlock your iPhone at very low prices.

Some companies offer to give you the software which could unlock your iPhone. Such services are generally available online. You can pay them online and download the software. This option seems much more convenient than to shop around in the market for the store with reasonable price that can turn your iPhone alive.

With online option you can browse the net, search the companies, and compare their prices, use your credit card to pay them online and then finally download the software for your iPhone. But before you purchase and download the software ensure that the software is a genuine one and not a spyware or virus. Avoid the free software for this purpose. These are generally the malwares that make the iPhone non functional.

A virus will not unlock your iPhone or it will make your iPhone dysfunctional. On the other hand a spyware will track everything which you do with your iPhone. So, be careful when you download. To avoid such malwares, search for trusted sites. Download the software for the authentic and recommended sites created for this purpose. This will also ensure you that the software that you download can be updated in near future.

Your small gadget is an expensive device. So, be careful with the software that you choose to unlock your iPhone.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Development in Mobile Technology and How Internet Affect it

Telecommunication industry has grown and so has the mobile phone industry. The companies in this sector are coming up with new technologies and ways so that they can provide excellent service to their customers. The mobile technology has come a long way. You can find the cell phones in different shapes and attractive color.

They are there with latest technology like mobile broadband, Bluetooth and GPS. You can surf the net, chat withy your friends, share important files and information with your clients, transfer the money to different accounts, download games and perform host of other functions. The different designs in which they are available and the different features they provide prove this point.

Mobile is a necessity now. Without mobile the life will come to stand still. Different types of mobile phones are available in the market. There are 3G mobiles with latest features. You can access internet, compose and send mails to your friends, access latest stock updates and perform many more functions. Mobiles are indeed a small device which brings the world at our fingertips any where and anytime.

It all started in 1970s and 80s when the mobile was used by the business people. Since then they have seeped to the individuals in different class of society. They are not just confined to the business class now.

The technology both mobile and internet have largely affected the way we communicate with each other. One to one personal interaction seem to be a thing of past now. This is replaced by the mobile conversation and text messaging. With the addition of the internet feature in mobiles now, both the technologies together are used to communicate.

The Centre for mobile technology is with the mission to promote the mobile technology at all levels. Internet has contributed a lot to generate awareness among the masses. Internet proves a cost effective medium for the mobile phone companies for promotion. Through this they can reach a wide number of prospects irrespective of the geographical boundaries. Through their sites the companies inform the consumers about the service plans and different features in the mobile phones manufactured by them.

There are social groups on the internet as well. These groups interact and discuss the latest technology in mobile phones. There are social network sites which provide a platform which provide for the discussion on latest technology in mobile phones, the latest multimedia features available in mobile phones and a platform where the participants can clarify their doubts with other participants.
Latest advancement in the mobile technology and the comparative analysis of different mobile phones are available in the form of reviews and news on different sites. There is no doubt that internet is affecting the mobile industry and helping the technology to develop at much faster pace.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Different Types of Computer Crimes

The computer crimes can broadly be grouped into three types. This includes the use of computer either as a subject, object or instrument to commit the crime. Use of computer viruses to commit crime comes under the category in which the computer forms the subject for the computer crime.

Most common way of committing the computer crime is using the computer as an instrument for crime. Crimes such as child pornography, online harassment and cyberstalking come under this category of computer crimes.

The different types of crimes under above mentioned categories are phishing, hacking, designing computer viruses, identity theft, cyber stalking and misusing the computer time. Let's discuss them one by one.

This is the type of computer crime in which the data related to the personal information is stolen. This is done by tempting the users to submit their personal data on the illegal sites designed for this purpose which appear similar to some popular sites. This is also committed through e-mails. The user is tempted to enter the personal information such as credit card number, password and bank account details.

Identity theft
It can be financial identity theft or identity cloning. This is the most serious crime where the financial information of the user is stolen and is used by the fraud to steal the money from the account of the user. In identity cloning the fraud steals the personal details of the user and uses the details as false user. In commercial identity theft, the thief uses the credit card information of the user to commit frauds and crimes.

These are the one which slow down the computer operations and processing. The computer viruses are the computer programs that are designed to harm the computer and destroy the information on the system. They spread through the network or different removable disks, drives and CDs.

In this a person gains an unauthorized access into another system by breaking the security barriers. The criminal finds out the information about the password and gain an access into the private information and communication of the user.

In this type of crime the criminal uses the internet and other computer based communication ways to threaten or post obscene mails or damage data of the user. Such crime is usually committed through discussion forums, chat rooms or similar places of common meeting on the internet.

Misusing the computer time is also a type of computer crime commonly committed everywhere in the organizations and offices. The employee on the company time and money commit this crime by checking personal mails, playing games without the authorization of the company officials.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What Is ISO OSI Model

OSI stands for Open System Interconnection. The OSI standards were laid down by the International Organization for Standardization in 1984. The OSI model gives seven different layers through which the data must travel when it is transferred from one computer to another in a network.

These seven layers can be distinguished into two groups:
  • Transport set and
  • Application set
Application layer
This layer provides network service to the end users by directly interacting with the operating system or the application software. This layer interacts when you perform any activity on the network like-mail, request websites and transfer files.

Presentation layer
The data from the application layer moves to the presentation layer so that it can be into the standard format in which it can be presented to other layers so that they understand it and process it further. This is the sixth layer. The encryption and decryption of data takes place in this layer.

Session layer
This is the fifth layer. This layer controls the link between the users. The layer establishes and ends the communication between receiving and sending devices in the network.

Transport layer
This is the fourth layer in the model. Transmission control protocol and user datagram protocol are there in this layer. Transmission control protocol establishes the link between two devices in the network.

This protocol also keeps a track of the packets that need to be resend and delivered. This layer checks the errors in transmission. It also integrates the data from different application. This layer thus ensures transparent transfer of data to the upper layers.

Network layer
This layer decides how the data will be sent to the other computer in the network. Routing of the data packets to particular IP address, take place in this layer. This is the third layer in the model. Internet protocol is a network layer

Data layer
This is the second layer. The packets are sequenced in this layer. The data is divided or broken down into small size of certain bytes. These small sized data are called as the packets. All the information that you exchange with your friends or the web pages that you request move in packets till they are delivered to the recipient. These packets have a head, payload and footer.

The header contains the information about the length, synchronization, number, recipient address and the origination address of the packet. The payload contains the main information that is to be delivered to the destination address. The footer contains the bits that check the errors in delivery.

Physical layer
This is the first layer in the OSI model. This layer defines the physical characteristics of the network defining the mechanical characteristics and voltage levels of the network.
Different protocol stacks are formed by combining the different OSI layers into one layer. This model is considered as the standard model for network communication.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Drawbacks of Podcasting

Podcasting is the process by which you can share the multimedia files with your friends over the internet. These files can be viewed on the portable media devices or on the personal computers. Podcasting thus combines broadcasting and iPod. You can broadcast your audio and video formats on the internet. Your friends can download these files on their portable MP3 or iPod and view them.

You can auto syndicate the music videos or audios on the internet and these music videos and audios can be played on the iPod. For podcasting you don't need to have an iPod. You can choose your own content and create your own syndicated videos or audio programs.

For this you prepare your own audio files in MP3 or WMA format. You then publish them which can be received as the RSS format by the subscribers. These files can be downloaded by the iPod users, cell phone users. All that you need for podcasting is laptop; a microphone, headsets, portable recorder and software that facilitate podcasting.

It first came into existence in 2000. Since then it is getting popular day by day. Podcasting provide many advantages to the users. By way of podcasts the users can share their views and information with others. They can now use their faces and voice to convey and share all the information they want with others.

But every technology has a darker side. This is true for podcasting as well. The process seems simple and innovative way that supports creativity and sharing of ideas. But as you create your own files you ignore the size. Some podcast files can be very large with most of them exceeding 75MB size. Thus the main problem is the bandwidth. Each time you download the file, it uses the bandwidth.

Now the web host has certain limits for the bandwidth. You can use only a certain limit of the bandwidth. Once your website reaches the limit your site will be shut down for the definite term. Or, the other way round is that you pay for those GB that you use.

The only way out is, find out how serious you are with your podcast. If you are serious enough then reach out the podcasting service that you can afford. Find out the bandwidth you have for the month and the extra charges that the service provider will charge you once you cross the limits.

If you are really serious and want people to listen to your podcast then save some money so that you can pay for those extra gigabytes that you use in a month.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

About The Phonograph

Phonograph was the first device that was used to play the recorded sound. The phonograph ruled the decades before the radio and motion picture came into existence.

Leon Scott de Martinville was the first to design the sound recording device. This was in 1855 when the first recording device came into existence. Scott got the device patented in 1857. The device was called as the phonautograph and was used as a laboratory instrument to analyze the sound. This instrument gave a foundation for the playback devices.

Edison came up with the concept of sound recording and reproduction in 1877. Another French scientist Charles Cros worked on the concept independently but was unable to come up with the working model of the machine. Thomas Edison demonstrated the model on November 29 1877 and patented the machine. It was the tinfoil phonograph.

The phonograph was an assembly of a large mouthpiece, a cylindrical drum, a diaphragm and a stylus. This tinfoil phonograph was made of a cylindrical drum which was wrapped in the tinfoil. This cylinder was then mounted on the threaded axle. The mouthpiece was attached to the diaphragm which was connected to the stylus.

As the stylus moved on the rotating foil, a vibration pattern was etched on the surface. To playback the recorded voice, the mouthpiece was replaced by the reproducer.

The era from late 1870s to early 1880s was full of discoveries in this field. In 1886 graphophone was patented by Charles Summer Tainter and Chichester Bell. This device was an improvement of the phonograph. It had the wax coated cylinder which gave clearer recording. It used floating stylus which gave clear sound conversion.

In 1887, an American scientist, Emile Berliner improved the existing species of the phonograph and came up with more improved version which he called as gramophone. He patented the device in 1887. This gramophone as we all know used the zinc disc on which the stylus moved laterally and spirally and reproduced the recorded sound.

With improved versions hitting the market the concept of phonograph parlors came into existence. First such parlor opened in San Francisco. Such parlors resembled the music parlors of today. The customers could list their choice of the music titles and enjoy their request which was played on the latest phonograph at that time.

Soon the kinetoscope came into existence in such parlors. These were coin operated. Such kinetoscope flipped the preloaded photograph in front of the customer.

Later a clockwork motor was developed and added to the Bell designed gramophones. This design was called Gramophone Grand and was the retail concept that was given by Thomas McDonald, the manager of gramophone industry.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things to Know Before Going for Video Conferencing

The benefits of video conferencing technology are numerous. It increases the productivity of business. The technology cuts down the different expenses and thus helps business to save money. The technology helps the business persons to share important information conveniently.

The employees can share any type of information among themselves. This helps them to take decisions quickly and implement the strategies which increase the productivity. But before you introduce this technology to your business consider certain aspects.

Find out the different video conferencing software available in the market. Select the software that fits your business well. For this, list all that you want to achieve with the technology. Find out how you will use the technology. Then find out everything about video conferencing on the internet. Huge amount of information is there online.

To select the software find out whether you want to implement the software for a multipoint video conference or point to point video conference. The multi point type helps you to conduct conference with two or more remote points.

Decide one according to your business needs. Find out all the hardware that you need. In general you will require video camera or webcam for the video. For the audio input you will require microphones and speakers. If you plan a large conference room then you need a complex hardware kit. This kit contain carrier as an important component. The carrier helps two systems in a network to communicate. For this you can either use an ISDN or IP network.

There are basically two types of video conferencing systems. These are dedicated systems and desktop systems. The desktop systems are just the add-on which you add to your standard PC to convert it into a video conference device. The dedicated systems come with all the things in a big pack. You have to install them before you conduct conference on web.

Search different companies which provide the software and related services. Ask them the details of the services that they provide to their clients. Clear all your doubts. Ask them how you will actually use it. If you select a complex hardware for a large board room or conference room then ask the dealer for the expert support. Ask them for the service of technician to install the software. Always approach the recognized dealer.

Once the software is installed check that all the hardware are in correct place. Check that the microphones that you use are correctly placed. Check for the lights in the room. Ensure that the video camera and webcams are correctly placed so that you can see all the participants in the conference.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Know Some Latest Modes to Help your pc with advanced hardware

The Information Technology industry is growing at a fast pace. With the growth of the industry and use of computer in every field the demand for computer hardware is also growing. This demand is further pushed by the changes in the work culture and adoption of the computer based technology by the organizations for different operations.

Both the small as well as the multi billion business organizations are getting more and more dependent on information technology to conduct their business. This is thus pushing up the demand for the computer hardware.

Numerous companies are now operating in the sector to cater to the ever rising demand of computer hardware. Some among these companies provide the customized all round service from the point of providing the computer hardware followed by the installation and hardware support system to the after sales service.

Some other companies specialize in a certain domain which may be selling the latest hardware compatible with computers or providing the installation service related to the latest hardware technology. Such companies may also provide the computer support to their clients.

As the market for the advanced hardware is swelling, more and more companies are entering this field with the latest and advanced solutions for their client. Such companies provide expert services to their clients in variety of computer hardware components and computer hardware support service. These companies have their team of trained staff and hardware engineers so that the customers can be given quality support service.

There are different websites as well which provide the PC support tutorials under different classes. These tutorials are designed by different experts and highly educated authors in the field.
New entrants have mushroomed in every big city so that they can provide the customized support services and installation of the hardware to their customers.

Such companies provide the expert and customized services to their clients at highly competitive prices. Besides these new entrants, bigger players such as Apple, IBM and Microsoft are there in the market working for their clients. These companies sell the advanced hardware of different products manufactured at different sites under strict quality control environment.

The companies such as Apple, Microsoft, HP and IBM have their hardware support centers in every country on the world map. With so many centers they provide extensive support service to their clients across the globe. The service may include the battery related problems or performance and maintenance related topics.

The different players in this sector have their websites designed such that the clients can contact them and inquire for any type of information by visiting the frequently asked question option or the online help option.

Monday, December 1, 2008

What is Web Conferencing

Individuals from different and multiple locations come together and share their views over the internet. This is web conferencing. It is beneficial to both the small and large organizations.
Both the multi million dollar companies with their overseas branches and the home based offices and small organizations benefit from web conferencing. This internet based tool provides the multi million dollar companies with the facility to conduct the web meetings with their overseas clients and generate profits for the business. It also helps them to discuss different strategies with the officials in the subsidiaries.

All this happens over the internet and thus the expenses on the travel are not incurred. Virtual whiteboards and polling is used to generate ideas during web conference. These shared applications when accompanied with the presentation tools such as power point help the participants to present their ideas effectively.

Web conferencing provide a much better conferencing experience when it is combined with teleconferencing. This feature is provided by the Voice over internet Protocol more commonly known as VOIP. VOIP help to share the presentation along with the audio in real time.

Web conferencing software such as Microsoft Live meeting provide the tools which help the individuals to share their part of the desktop or whole of the desktop with other individuals participating in the conference.

The participants can thus share their power point slides, files and documents with other participants. They can also share their ideas as text messages through chat windows, with other individuals participating in the conference.

The web conference software also enables the participants to record the offline as well as online meeting sessions. This technology thus helps the individuals and business persons to communicate more effectively over the internet.

All the participants visit one particular web page to share their ideas and participate in the meeting. It is same as gathering in a room and participating in the meeting. Only difference between the two is that in web conferencing the room is the web page and the meeting is conducted over the internet. Also the physical presence of the participants is not required.

The technology is slowly replacing the face to face meetings due to number of benefits which it offers to the organizations. The companies are able to cut down the expenses on travel. The technology helps to overcome geographical and regional barriers when it comes to sharing of ideas and discussing the important strategies with the overseas clients and officials in the subsidiaries.

It supports the product development and training collaboration. It also helps the sales team and clients to interact in a much better way. The technology in fact improve business communication and collaboration.