Friday, January 16, 2009

Web Design Basics

Before you start with the process take a tour across the internet and visit some of the popular websites. Start with Google or Yahoo. Observe them and go through their design.

What you see when you open Google? The logo and the search bar which is right in front of you. Google is so simple yet so clear. This is a search engine which is there for the individuals who want to search for specific terms, definitions, and information on the internet. It is there with the objective to provide the user with the search engines and the site achieves its aim very well.

Google has no distractions and no pop ups to annoy you. As the site opens you see the search bar where you can enter the phrase or the word which you want to search. The color scheme is again soothing to the eyes and distinguishes very well different parts which the site holds for you.

What about Yahoo? This site too has all the things which you want any site like this to have. It has the search bar. Besides, Yahoo has different heads which navigate you to different other services which Yahoo gives to different users. You can find the news round ups which tell you about latest happenings, the mail option which direct you to yahoomail where you can sign in and check your inbox, astrology which direct you to the astrology page where you can know about your future predictions and a lot more.

What's the idea then?
If you want your website to be a success then keep it simple and clear. For this frame your objective first. Find out why you want to be there on the internet. Whom you want to target? Your website should reflect the purpose as to why you are there on the web. Your website should also stand out to the users whom you want to target. If you are clear with your aim you can very well provide the users the service which they are looking for. This is the key to success.

What else can you do to make your website a hit among your target users?
Well for this make it simple, clear and include all the features which you can which your users find beneficial. But ensure that you don't turn your website into a brochure.

Pay attention to the color scheme. Colors should be appealing to the eyes but your site should not appear too flashy. Ensure that your site does not hold the pop ups. Some individuals find it annoying and you might loose some of your valuable users due to the pop ups.

Provide for easy navigation facility. Make sure that your site does not take too much of time to download. And last but not the least; make sure that your website is search friendly. Ensure that your website performs well and is there whenever user searches for the specific information which your website holds.

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