Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Dangers of Online Video Games

Games have their own advantage. Where outdoor games are important for the overall development of the individuals, indoor games help them to develop and sharpen certain skills. Games are the ways by which you and your kids learn to socialize and compete. This holds true for the online games as well. 

Different online games are now available which help you to improve your strategic skills, thinking and tactical skills. There are games help you to improve your concentration and your mental alertness. But sometimes these games become more than just a play. The play which starts with the recreation aim soon turns into an addiction. 

It is one of the growing problems which are common both among the children and adults. An online game addict spends hours in front of the computer and overlooks other activities. Kids overlook their school assignments and lag behind in their studies. They slowly turn away from their friends and sit in front of the computer for hours designing strategies, searching for cheat codes so that they can defeat a virtual conspirator. 

The dangers of online video games 

The person who spends hours and hours in front of computer playing games commonly suffer from sleeplessness, dry eyes and carpel tunnel injury. There teenagers become reclusive and some addicts also drop out from their high school to play the games online. The kids who spend about eight to ten hours in front of computer playing games show a decline in their studies, their grades suffer badly and they are more prone to turn away from their friends. Cases of divorce are high among the adults who spend hours playing online games. These individuals not only have a disturbed personal life but also suffer from job loss and financial crisis. Online game addicts spend more on such games affect their finances. 

Computer games have changed over the years. They have transformed from one to one game to multiple player games. There are online games which give you the option to challenge players from around the world. This has opened doors to some of the more serious threats to which your child or anyone gets exposed as soon as they join and interact with the gaming community. 

Individuals who chat regularly with their online gamers and become a regular member of such sites are more susceptible to identity theft. There are sexual predators that hover around such sites. They join such sites and lure teens and adults alike to the physical world. 

Like all addictions this too can be cured. Parenting is the best way to control and prevent such online threats. 

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