Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sony Ericsson T303-Mid-Range Slider Phone

the phone which is packed with all the mid ranged features which are mostly found among most of the mobile phone available in the market. Due to this very aspect this phone will trade purely on the basis of looks, designs and the preferences of average mobile phone users.  

The phone comes with all the features bundled up in a small black or silver casing. Shimmering black is more appealing to the eyes while the silver gives a more sophisticated and techno look. The metallic chrome finish gives it a more stylish appearance. 

The screen measures about two inches. It is a colored TFT with a resolution of about 128 x 160 pixel displaying up to 65 K colors. With such a resolution and range of fine colors the screen gives a high quality picture display. 

The phone comes with integrated 1.3 megapixel camera. With this camera you can capture all the memorable moments that you want to. The digital zoom helps you to do this with ease. With the USB port provided you can also transfer the videos or the stills of your choice to your personal computer and share them with your friends or stream them on you tube. 

The phone support Bluetooth technology so that you can share and transfer the files wirelessly with the other Bluetooth enabled devices within the range. 

The top of the phone has a well built stylish and plump navigation keys. But as you slide up the phone a keypad is revealed which has well built small easy to use well spaced keys. This phone which measures eighty three by forty seven by fourteen millimeters is easy to handle and hold. 

Sony Ericsson has a long battery life with a fully charged battery giving nine hours of talk time and four hundred hours of standby mode. This is a tri-band GPS/GPRS mobile phone which can connect you with anyone and anywhere across the globe. 

The built in media players surely will cater to your entertainment tooth. The FM radio keeps you connected to the world while the media player makes you enjoy video and music playback as well. The phone comes with the music list. You can add your own list as well. What more? This slider phone comes with the embedded java games. With the Bluetooth technology and the download options you can also make a list of your own games, videos and music. 

If you are an average mobile phone user who would like to have connectivity along with music list, FM radio, camera and technology such as Bluetooth wrapped up in a stylish and appealing design then you will surely love to have Sony Ericsson T303 slider phone.

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