Monday, March 2, 2009

How to select the Right Retail Technology Partner

Make sure that the retail technology partner is knowledgeable enough and has detail information about the retail business as well as the technologies used in retail. Meet them in person and discuss with them your business to find out if they understand your retail business and not just the technological solutions they have with them for you.

Such partners are also called as Value Added Resellers or more commonly as VARS. They not only give a new life to your business but also help your business increase profits. Choose a retail technology partner who guides you and suggest you the technology which suit your purpose.

Avoid those who are not able to understand your technology needs. Approach the consultants who have the knowledge about your business. Find out everything about the consultant. Consider following points in choosing the right retail technology consultant for your business:
  1. Find out whether the consultant has a staff which is knowledgeable, skilled and efficient. Also, look into the support staff of the consultant. This is an important point to consider as in the conditions of crisis they should have the staff efficient enough to provide you with all the essential services. They should have a staff which could provide you with the services you require for your business.
  2. Find out if they have all the expert employees who can understand your technological requirements, understand your system and apply the technological solutions devised for your business.
  3. Besides this, find out that when your system is upgraded with the required technology, the consultant provide trainers who train to your staff and provide the required support on an ongoing basis.
  4. Provide you with all the information about the new products and system.
  5. Give you the customized solutions which are within the budget you plan for the purpose.
  6. Also find out whether the consultant is an experienced one or new to the industry. Although, the difference does not hold if you get the service and solution you want. But an experienced consultant understands your business in much better manner and is able to give you the customized solution more efficiently than the consultant new to the industry.
The retail partner should understand your requirement well and should be able to suggest you with the solution which can earn profits for your business.

Different companies have different needs and the consultant you choose should understand this. So, discuss with the consultant what you need for your business, what resources you have. Then let them plan the technology solution right for your business.

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