Monday, February 16, 2009

Computer Support - MSCONFIG

The Computer is one of the things which I feel that you will definitely find it to be a necessary evil you must have a computer in your office and even at home on which you work. Every time your computer crashes out you need to call the technician. And I must tell you that either you or the technician is bound to look stupid at sometimes. However if you believe me then I would like to add that it is the technician on most of the cases, so you should not really feel bad.

In the coming paragraphs I am going to tell you about the trick which will help you a lot and you will be saved to call the technician or the Uncle Bobs thirds cousin's friend in order to make your computer again work.

Let's start from the beginning. You must know that what the computer does when it boots up. For this I would like to ask that what you check when you wake up every morning. Not to think it ironically it is quiet sure that you will be quiet frightened if you find out some morning that one of your hand is missing. This is what the computer does when it boots up. It checks whether all its drives and in fact all the hardware are working or not. It uses the registry for this. It checks that all what he remembers is being ticked in the registry or not. Hence you can think of the registry to be the brain. However I would not like you to play with the register if you are new to computers.

Windows come with inbuilt software which manages the registry for you. One of these which you should definitely know is the MSCONFIG. Every program you down load at first is thought that you will need it every time you startup your computer. They really make arrangement so that all these programs start up every time you start up your computer. Even the Microsoft office and the Corel office think that install themselves in the startup process. They must have thought while writing the program that the entire user will need their software every time they start up their computer.

What you all have to do is to at the start and select the run command. Type MSCONFIG. A Window will pop up with few options like normal startup, diagnostic setup and selective startup. You will have to select the selective startup. Then you will have to select the startup at the above part of the window. You will get a list of [programs that automatically runs when you boot your computer. You can disable the program which you do not want to automatically start up.

However you will have to be very selective and cautious. For example you can disable the program like quick task, msn messenger and the yahoo messenger. But you can really not disable some virus programs or the hardware like printer mouse etc.

Hence I do feel that a proper use of MS CONFIG can be a great advantage and a handy tool in your hand.

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