Monday, March 9, 2009

The Benefits of Computer technology

Computer is an electronic device that processes raw data into meaningful results. We all are aware of computer as it is widely used in our daily life. We are really grateful to all those mathematicians and scientists who have made our life easier by making computer to solve our toughest problems. If we define Technology; it is all about using the so called sophisticated scientific and technical tools which ultimately help in making our lives better by solving our problems and making us more advanced.

The most important invention in the technology is Computer and this computer technology has served everybody in every field. Gone are the days when we used big room-sized computers to do calculations but nowadays computers have become handy in the form of palmtops, PDAs, laptops, cell phones.

The benefits of computer technology are many as various business organizations and companies are using its different kinds of application softwares to efficiently manage their work. The various system softwares as well as application softwares make our work faster as they are the programs made by the developers. The softwares are not only used for business purposes or at homes for children to study interestingly but also for the supermarkets or restaurants. There they can have a perfect bill system. Thus varied softwares are the main contribution by the computer technology.

Apart from that the great evolution of Internet has also made its mark in the technology. It is just because of internet that we can easily access information by just the click of a moue button and can communicate with anyone in the world over the internet by the various services provided to us such as email or other chatting softwares. Internet and various real time softwares have even helped us in Space centers to do various calculations for various planets. Even the technical telescopes have been made to enable distant viewing perfect. The satellites can reveal the various pictures of far off planets on the computers and thus help the astronauts and scientists to make us aware of what is happening in the outer world.

The computer technology has also proved useful to us in cars as today we are getting high-tech cars built with various artificial intelligence components and the Bluetooth technology is crediting it more. Bluetooth technology helps us to attend calls while driving by receiving calls from the in -built radio in it featuring Bluetooth technology inside it. The computer technology is also used in banks, ATM machines, petrol pumps and also for educational purposes for students to learn through internet.

Thus we see that, computer technology is spread everywhere giving success in number of fields wherever they are used. We all are adapted to computer that without it we cannot perform fast and better and cannot be more productive.

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