Friday, October 31, 2008

Benefits of DVD Technology

Moving from the VCR to the CD and then to DVD, the technology has improved many folds. Earlier it was VHS tapes that were there to store the movies and made to play. Then came the small compact discs, commonly called as CDs. These were small, handy and can store music, games, and movies. But the major drawback was that the storage capacity was less and it require around 2-3 CDs to store a movie or favorite music videos.

DVDs an acronym of Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc are an improvement over the compact disc. They have large storage space and a large amount of data can be stored in them as compared to the CDs. There are other advantages also, such as:
  1. The DVDs can be written on both the sides. A feature above CDs where the data can be written only on one side.
  2. The DVD reader can read a CD also in contrast to the CD reader that cannot read a DVD.
  3. The storage capacity of the DVDs can be up to 4.5 GB in contrast to the CDs with storage capacity of a maximum of 700 MB.
  4. The audio and visual qualities are better over the compact disc.
  5. Attaching DVDROM driver to the computer enables one to enjoy the movie on the computer screen.
  6. Four forms of DVDROM are available: - DVD R, DVD+RW, DVD RW and DVD RAM. The last three type DVDs can be written many times as per your preference, while the DVD R can be written only once.
This technology gained importance in 1990s and since then it is revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Its first application was in the entertainment industry in the recording of the video and music songs. Later its use spread to the other application of storage as well.

An improvement in the DVD technology is the blue ray disc. Where the DVD disc is read with the red laser, the blue ray disc as the name suggests is read using blue laser. Thus a large amount of data can be stored in the blue ray disc as compared to the DVD discs. Moreover the data stored is of high quality as compared to that on the DVD disc in terms of picture clarity and music quality. Where the storage space of digital versatile l disc is 4.7GB, you can store about 25MB of data on single layered blue ray disc.

The DVD technology hence has improved over the years and who knows what the technology will be in days to come. Any ways, enjoy your favorite album on the small circular plastic disc.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Benefits of Water for Gas Technology

We all use water as a coolant in our cars. But what about using it as a fuel? Yes! That is possible with the hydrogen fuel cell technology. The technology is an innovative step to make our environment cleaner and our cars more ecofriendly.

The technology improves the fuel efficiency of your car by about 80%. All you need is a small kit which you have to attach to your car engine. The kit consists of the two electrodes. One electrode acts as anode and the other as cathode. The electrolyte is water. When a certain level of voltage is passed then the water splits into its components hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen gas is made to pass into the fuel tank where it is absorbed and the fuel combustion is enhanced. This improvement in the combustion of the fuel results in less pollutant emission in the atmosphere as you drive your car. Your car thus becomes environment friendly.

So, what make this technology advantageous over other alternative fuel technologies and the diesel? Well the benefits are many. Some of them are:
  1. The technology is environment friendly
  2. If you use it in your car then the fuel efficiency improves and you save your expenses on petrol or diesel
  3. The engine efficiency increases and thus the life of your car engine too
  4. The kits available can be adjusted with any type of the engine and can be removed when you wish to change your car.
  5. The parts of the kits are easily replaceable and available in the market. In case you have to change any part of your kit then you simply have to move to the market go to the shop selling the accessories and purchase the part that you want to.
  6. The maintenance cost is very low
  7. The mileage of your car improves and you run your car more distance, with the same quantity of petrol than you would without the fuel kit.
  8. There are other alternatives to petrol and diesel in the form of biofuels. But they have their own limitation. Like the fuel prepared from sugarcane, the sugarcane can be grown in certain climates. Besides the processing of the basic ingredient is required to get the end product-the fuel for our cars. All this is ruled out in the hydrogen gas or water gas technology as water is omnipresent and what is all required is to get it from the source nearby and fill the kit.
With all these benefits don't you think its time to renovate your car with this wonder kit and play a small role in keeping your environment clean and pollution free?

Online Technology Management Courses

The organizations need the experts in the field of information technology to manage all the information, data and resource they have. Thus a degree in technology management can provide you some lucrative openings in the field of information technology.

Online courses are available in technology management for the working professionals and the students, who take up the education to improve their skills, knowledge and academics to rise in their carriers. The courses are also beneficial to the physically disabled who are not able to attend the regular classroom courses.

The field of technology management is providing immense opportunities for the individuals. Thus a professional in the field of information technology can enhance their value by adding an MBA or any advanced diploma in the field.

Opting for online courses provide various benefits in the form of continuing the education along with the job, taking up additional degree along with the regular course, studying from the place of convenience, staying informed with the recent advancements taking place and getting the expert guidance from the professors.

Individuals can opt for various types of online courses that can be bachelor's degree, short term certificate courses, master's degree or a doctorate degree. The preference remains with the individual according to the choice and the needs.

But before going for online education the individuals should look into various factors associated with the colleges offering. Some of them are:
  • The recognition of the college by the employees. There are certain colleges that are famous among the employees and there are some those that are not recognized by them.
  • The authenticity of the college offering the course.
  • The fees structure and the curriculum
  • The professors who are there to solve your problem
  • The library facility available with the college and the course materials
  • Whether the college offers any placement facility to the students.
With the globalization taking place and the companies continuously reviewing their organizational structures, they need the experts from the information technology field who can review their structure mange the data effectively and implement the latest technology which can thus improve the overall working of the organization.

An IT expert in the organization thus looks into the IT requirements of the organization, and suggests the technology which fits the budget, is viable to the organization in the long run, and can be easily adapted by the employees in the different departments.

Thus keeping up with the latest technology and learning it is beneficial for those seeking carrier in the IT field.

The Advantages Of The Bluetooth Wireless USB Adapter

Bluetooth is a wireless technology, using a small microchip, a portable device and a mobile. Your mobile and the device get interconnected by Bluetooth as soon as they come within the specific range.

The technology thus gives you short range connectivity using 2.4 GHZ radio waves, without the use of wires and different size of cables. But what you need is the Bluetooth USB adapter and the chip. This chip function just likes the cable wires but they use radio waves to connect and transmit the information.

Bluetooth USB is a small hardware device. Bluetooth adapters and the dongles are the small devices almost the size of your small fingure and they can be attached to the USB port in your personal computers. As you attach the dongle the computer automatically gets connected to the nearby mobile by Bluetooth. You can then use these settings to download the ring tones or wallpapers to your mobile.

How is it advantageous?
The first benefit is that you don't have to tangle yourself in those noodle strip wires and cables. You just insert the US dongle in the USB port and download the wallpapers or ring tones or the games to your mobile.

It is simple to use. You just need to be in the range of 10-15 meter distance, so that your devices get connected by Bluetooth.

It is safe to use. The devices with Bluetooth exchange the authentication details and get connected automatically.

The technology also supports the VOIP technology hence you can talk to your friends also.
When you are using the USB adapter on your personal computer, then you are in a way using the computer and the mobile technologies together.

Around 8 devices can connect within the piconet or Personal Area Network formed by the Bluetooth.

You can transfer the games, ring tones, songs, text messages, and files among the connected devices in the piconet at the speed of 1-2Mbps.

When you connect the Bluetooth USB adapter to your computer you make your computer Bluetooth enable. That means your computer can now exchange the authentication code with other Bluetooth enabled devices in the short range of the piconet and get connected wirelessly. Now you can coordinate the contacts on your desktop or print the sheets or transfer files.

Although the connectivity is affected if there are more devices within the piconet or there are any changes in the environment, but the advantages out power the demerits.

Microsoft Java Virtual Machine

What is java virtual machine?
It is in fact software that is platform independent. It means that it can be run on any type of operating system may it be windows or Linux.

How it works?
Java is an object oriented, platform independent, multi threaded, dynamic, portable, high performance programming language. In simpler words it is high level language with all the above listed characteristics. In java programming the codes that we write are the language codes that we understand. These end with .java extension. These are converted into the machine language by the compiler. The compiler generates the byte codes with the extension .class that can be interpreted by the java virtual machine. The java virtual machine then interprets these codes and performs the functions. The byte codes generated remain same irrespective of the operating system. This very nature of java makes it platform independent which makes it independent of the operating system on which it runs.

Although it was originally designed to run the java programs but at present several other languages can be made to run on it.

Java Virtual Machine is the part of the java platform which helps to run the programs that are written in java language.

What is Microsoft java virtual machine?
A technology that makes to run certain java based applets on the windows like Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, CE and all their versions. But it is absent in XP SP1a, SP2. This technology is included in some form of Microsoft internet explorer.

This software was developed by Microsoft for the third version of the internet explorer. Microsoft came with this concept to gain a competitive advantage in the growing technology. But later a suit was filed by Sun Microsystems claiming that the Microsoft was using their technology.

Soon there was an agreement between the two in 2001and the Microsoft after paying Sun Microsystems $20 million agreed to discontinue the MSJVM. As it was not possible for some organizations to discontinue the use of MSJVM within the time duration hence both the groups decided to extend the duration to 31 December 2007. The Microsoft was thus given the license to support the Suns java code source.

Since then Microsoft has taken measures to end the MSJVM in its various products and decided to discontinue its use in its new products. Microsoft will only fix the security related problems of its customers in future.

JSP Technology

JSP an acronym of Java Server Pages is the member of the java family. It is the technology that is used to design and maintain the web pages. As the java is platform independent language hence the pages that are designed are platform independent and use java applet.By using JSP the web designers can now develop the dynamic websites.

It has some advantages over the HTML used commonly to design the web pages. The HTML gives a static presentation of the website. The data is written every time if it needs to be updated. For example a popular site of any online retail shop has all the details of the products available under different categories, their prices, and other relevant details regarding the mode of payment and the shipment details. If any category of the product is to be added now then using HTML language the web designer has to now write all the details again. But if the site is maintained using the JSP then only thing required is to make the changes in the maintained data record. After the changes are made and stored the site gets updated automatically.

A simple HTML page can be made dynamic by embedding the java codes. The technology is also used to develop new javabeans. The page developed is converted into the java servelet and then is executed on the server.

The JSP pages are saved as .jsp and the java compiler uses these extensions to generate the servelets which are further processed and finally interpreted and presented in the form of dynamic pages. Thus it is a server side scripting language.

There are other benefits also like the user does not have to be a master in the java language. But what is required is to have a basic understanding of java and the HTML. The web pages are platform independent and dynamic hence can be run on any platform. This means that the presentation is separated from the content thus enabling the different users to view the same site or content on different platforms.

Some terms associated with the technology:
JSP page: text based document. The text is in two forms- static and dynamic static data can be expressed in any language like HTML, XML; the dynamic text is of JSP.

Implicit objects: These are the objects on the site that are created and relate to the page, content, request, session etc.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

When you use water to run your car then in fact you are using the hydrogen fuel cell technology. This technology is latest in the news and it is an attempt by the scientists and engineers to make your vehicle less polluting.

Although eighty years old but the technology is taking waves as it makes the vehicle more environment friendly besides being an alternative to the petrol and diesel, the main fuel on which our car and bikes speed on roads.

The technology uses the fuel cell that has two electrodes and water. As the electricity passes the water molecule is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. This chemical process is called as electrolysis. The hydrogen gas thus formed is passed to the fuel chamber where it is absorbed and promotes for the more efficient use of the fuel that we are using. Such assembly of electrodes is available in the market in the form of kits. You can fix these kits to your car.

Although biofuel, vegetable fuel are available as an alternative technologies for petrol and diesel but these have their own limitations. It gets costly to develop biodiesel from sugarcane. The source of the diesel is produced in certain climates thus this also act as the limitation. But such restriction is ruled out in the hydrogen fuel technology as the water is freely available and can be electrolyzed to make your car more efficient. The efficiency is increased by 70%-80%. Thus your car uses less of the petrol emits less pollutant and thus become more ecofriendly.

You can also prepare these hydrogen kits in your own garage. Remember your school days when you performed various science experiments in the lab. It's all that exciting and simple. All you have to do is go to the market and purchase all the essential things. Follow the instructions on the instruction manual. If you don't want to experiment then you can directly purchase the assembled kit available in the market.

You can search the internet and you will get all the options, the different designs and their prices. Browse through the catalogue and purchase the kit online sitting comfortably in your living room.
So contribute a little to conserve your planet by using this technology. You will not only make your environment less polluted but also save a lot of money by saving on the petrol.

Make your pocket grow bigger and your environment better to breathe in by using this environment friendly hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Go green!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What is Technology

We use mobile to communicate, watch television news to find what is happening around us, open our computers and browse the net, drive cars and bikes, go to the physician who examines us through all the machines and the equipments to find out what is wrong inside our body and gives the prescription. All this is technology that we are using. Broadly technology means the application of the theory into practice or for the practical purposes. It helps us to perform the work more easily.

Technology includes all the machines and tools and the way how we use them. Today when we use technology we generally mean computers, mobiles, cars, satellites, space ships, and many such types.

Although it existed in the prehistoric ages when man evolved and used the weapons of different types, but at today it has moved to heights, thanks to the scientific methods that gained importance in the fifteenth century. The technology is still developing today and newer technologies are fast emerging. The advancements are getting more obvious in information, medical, nuclear, energy, and robotics and in fact all things that we use.

Technologies like the Bluetooth, Global Positioning System, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biofuels, wireless communication, VOIP technology; blue ray technology, plasma technology and many more are being used and talked among us.

It is all around us in every sphere of our life and making our life better by helping us to carry on our activities so easily.

Say for example the most used technology among us, the internet. It has changed the way we perform our jobs.
  • Now we shop and purchase our essentials on the net
  • transfer money and check our accounts by just visiting the bank site entering our name and password
  • Talk to our friends, send them messages, search the books and journals and many more such functions
For business too it has benefited a lot:
  • The companies can save cash by keeping all the records and connecting the departments through intranet and internet,
  • track and manage inventory
  • conduct video conferences
  • use software to compare previous records compare them make a trend analysis and take decisions
  • Collaborate with various associate to form a virtual enterprise
The advancement in nuclear technology and space technology is making us to discover the atmosphere and life in outer space. The mobile technology helps us stay connected.

All these just form the tip of the iceberg named technology. A lot more is there in store. Just look around and discover.

What is Communication

Take a case where you are talking to your friend on the basic landline phone. You are telling your friend to do some work. Then your friend is the person who receives the message, you are the one who give the message and the telephone is the medium buy which both of you are connecting to each other. This is communication. It is all about connecting with others and sharing our ideas.

It is the process to convey the information from the sender to the receiver. Thus the communication requires sender, receiver and the medium through which the message is been conducted to the receiver. For the communication to be effective there should be a feedback from the receiver. If your friend does not say hello when the line connects then you will wonder whether your friend is there on the other side or not. This is feedback.

Communication can be verbal or non verbal. In verbal communication there occurs the exchange of words by way of talking between the sender and the receiver. The nonverbal communication involves the communicating through signs and signals. The traffic signal is the nonverbal type of communication between the traffic controller on road and you.

The word today has assumed a far broader meaning when it is connected to the word technology. It encompasses all those things that make us to communicate with others. The cell phones and the wireless technology, internet, the list is growing day by day.

Through internet we can communicate with others by writing e-mails, or chatting through the messenger. Latest in this is the VOIP technology by which we can make long distance free phone calls to our friends. In business it is used to conduct web conferences or guide the employees who are there on the field stuck with some objections of the clients.

By writing mails we can deliver the message instantaneously. Through chatting and discussion forums we can share our views regarding any topic with those sitting in their homes on some part of the globe. Internet has made all this possible.

The mobiles and wireless technology is connecting us irrespective of the place where we are. So we can talk to our family while driving our car. The cell phones are also getting transformed with new features. The service providers coming up with new services so that the communication does not break down and we can communicate in much better way.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology

As the name suggests, the Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) is the one that uses radio waves to identify the object in the store or the book in the library or an individual at any place.

How it works

The technology simply requires a microchip, an antenna and a reader. The serial number is given to the object or the individual that gives them the identity. This microchip is attached to the antenna and the two together are called as RFID tag. As the identification signal in the form of radio waves are given by the microchip, the antenna helps in the transmission of these signals. The signals are then picked up by the reader. This reader converts the signals in the digital waves and transmits it to your computer that finally interprets them as image.

It is a modification of the barcode technology which is based on the line of sight concept. Also if the bar code gets damaged due to any reason then it becomes hard to identify the object. Such shortcomings are absent in the Radio Frequency Identification Technology as the reader can read the RFID tag till the tag is within the range of the reader and much faster than in the bar code.

The technology works on three frequencies: low, medium and high. High frequency transfer more amounts of data and is for tracing objects like moving cars, and in spying objects in long range. But it is highly expensive, requiring high energy. The low frequency RFID tag is used for inventory management within short range.

Where is the technology used?

Almost everywhere. The technology is finding its application in the health industry, warehousing, libraries, military, spy departments and many more.

The technology is recently been applied by the Wal Mart to manage its supply chain. It is finding application in the retail stores, warehousing and supply chain management so as to locate where the product is exactly, how much is there in store and also track the product from the time it is in the storage till it is supplied to the consumer.

In the hospitals the technology is used to track the patients as well as the machines. The technology is useful to track the patients who have undergone critical treatment and are needed to be monitored after they move out of the hospital. The equipments in different section of the hospital can also be located. This is done by placing or embedding a small microchip that give them a particular serial number or identification number.

What Is Bluetooth Technology

Technological advancements in the wireless communication are fast catching up and Bluetooth technology is one of them. Named after the Danish king, Harlad Blatand, Bluetooth, is the technology that uses short range radio waves at 2.4 GHz bands to connect the digital appliances, laptops, headsets, mobile devices and other portable devices, so as to have a wireless communication within a small area called as Personal Area Network (PAN).

This technology came as an innovation from Erricson. And gradually became popular with the teaming up of the other IT companies and the mobile phones, so as to provide a facility to their customers for wireless communication within their work places or their home.

This technology enables the performance of the various tasks using the mobile phones, laptops, digital camera within an area of ten to fifteen meters, which can get interconnected with each other using the Bluetooth technology, till they are switched on. Once the devices with Bluetooth come within this area range they get interconnected. Thus a Bluetooth headset having RS transceiver, protocol, connects to a Bluetooth device which is at 7 meter distance. Thus the easy use of VOIP technology is also a feature and advantage of Bluetooth.

Once the devices are in the range they automatically exchange the address and other authentication details and get connected wirelessly.

For a Bluetooth all that is required is a small microchip, a mobile device or a digital camera or a laptop or portable device, radio waves, GSM or CDMA feature in your mobile. The main function is of the chip which like the cables transmits the information to the receiver chip at a particular radio frequency. As the devices with Bluetooth come in a specific range of 10-15 meters they get connected creating a network. The network thus formed is called as Personal Area Network (PAN) or piconet.

Upto eight devices can connect within this range and data can be transferred at the speed of 1-2Mbps. The authentication by the user is at 128 bit encryption. One device within a piconet can be a part of other piconet which is enabled by timesharing.

So you can synchronize the calendar and your contacts on your personal computer and palmtops, exchange and share data between devices like PDA and desktop without the use of USB portals.

Bluetooth technology, as it develops over time and year will enable for a convenient wireless communication and task performance under a much wider area.