Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Sony Ericsson W710i Mobile Phone

People take their phone with them while they are jogging. They do the jogging for a quiet a good number of kilometers. While on your run I do feel that you must have always thought of some kind of gadgets being installed in your mobile phone. For example you will definitely find some way to calculate how far you have run, at what speed you were running and how many steps you have taken. You must know that all these calculation are either done by the speedometer of the pedometer. I must say if you have ever dreamed of such features in your mobile phone then I must say that you search is over now. The Sony Ericsson W710i really comes up with all such features.

The fitness application really helps you in calculating the distance you have run and even how many steps you have taken. While some sporty enthusiast would definitely like to have some more features but it is really excellent for a common man. Other consumers have really given the suggestion to include the GPS antenna to calculate the distance. But in this mobile a speedometer is planted and it does the rest. The pedometer calculates the number of steps which you have taken to complete the jogging. The pedometer automatically resets itself at midnight and saves the data for your strides for the day so that you can retrieve the data easily whenever you require it.

The phone also comes up with the calorie counter as well. It will give you the exact details of the amount of calorie which you have burnt during the jogging. This can really be a great thing for you if you do the exercise daily to maintain your body. You will be glad to note that you will not require any other gadget for this. You can easily set your Sony W710i mobile and then you can easily get all such information. It comes with a strap for the arm and also the belt clip. The pedometer will not work without this.

Apart from all this you will also find some great music facilities as well. The mobile allows the 10MB memory for music. However you can select the extra memory card as well. The phone comes up with the 512 memory card. But you can buy the memory card of larger size afterwards as well. A digital headphone is also provided with the mobile and you can always listen to some of the best songs while you are jogging.
The camera is also good but you will not find it to be as good as some other sets of Sony. However you must remember that it is a walkman phone rather than camera phone.

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