Monday, January 19, 2009

Spy Cell Phones

Phone tapping is a thing of past now. Spy cell phones are here to take up the job. These are the small detectives which you can carry with you wherever you feel like. This cell phone enables you to monitor, hear and record the conversations which you wish to record on your cell phone.

Earlier phone tapping or wiretapping was used to spy on the conversation. Wiretapping was used to tap, track, record and hear the conversation and track the criminals or any suspicious activities taking place in any area. This mode was commonly used by the detectives to track any suspicious activities. Today with the help of spy cell phones things have become much easier.

These phones can be set up in the ghost mode and used as spy gadgets. When configured in the ghost mode they although appear switched off but they still can answer the calls silently without even being detected.

You can download software and eavesdrop on anyone. This software enables you to monitor the calls and text messages. This software also helps you to automatically alert the system whenever you dial a certain number. Such tools and software are available online. You just have to search them, download them on your mobile and start using them.

Services such as World Tracker are available online which can help you to track the mobile conversation and the mobile user. This tool takes the help of the Global Positioning System in the mobile and the data from the cell phone towers. With the help of all the data and the GPS you can track the individual and detect his location till the person has a mobile phone with him which is working and switched on. The only requirement with this tool is that the mobile that you wish to track should have the GPS facility. The World Tracker is available online. You just have to download it and follow the instructions to install and activate it with your mobile.

There is another tool called as the Flexispy which help you to detect and track the conversation and text messages. But for this the microphones of your mobile should be in a perfect condition so that they deliver you a clear conversation.

What the law says for these spying cell phones?
For this read the disclaimer attached to the software before you download it. The law is still intact and does not allow the use of software for any illegal activities. You cannot use the software without the consent of the other party whom you want to spy.

How to find out that your mobile is being tracked?
This is a tough job. But if mobile gives you some trouble when you either switch it on or off then it might be carrying a spy. Besides you also sometimes hear some disturbing sounds whenever you bring it close to your ear. Your cell phone may also light up even when you are not using it.

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