Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mistakes in Launching a Software Product

To make your software product a hit it is important to avoid the undesired situation altogether. If avoiding the situation is not possible then try to limit it to minimum so that the launch of your software goes exactly as scheduled. But what can you do to make sure that all the things are right, are in place and are up to the mark? There are ways to ascertain all this. Ask yourself certain questions.

What is the budget for the launch?

A pre defined budget save you from last minute expenses. It is important to frame a realistic budget which covers all the aspects of the launch. Well laid budget saves you from overspending. Also make sure that you lay down a part of your budget for those unforeseen situations which might spoil the launch of your software.

What is your market strategy?

A market strategy equips you with all the tactics so that you can make your product a success. Make a team comprising members from all the level of management so that you have all the brains working at different management level which can suggest you the most innovative solutions to make launch a hit. Work with the team to research the market, to find out your strength and weakness so that you have all the information which you can dissipate to the media as well as hand over to your advertizing department or the agency or the concerned committee looking after the launch.

Can you prelaunch your product?

You designed the product for your customers and not for yourself and it is your customers who will use your product. Therefore it is important to get their feedback. For this you can test market the product. You can take up some surveys and get the feedback. Pre launching is all about making your customers aware of the product that you will launch in future. Test marketing and collecting the feedback will help you to create awareness and discover weakness well in advance. This will give you time to make improvements before you finally launch it to your customers.

Did you provide all the information to your advertizing company?

This is important so that they can devise the right strategy for the launch.

Are all the resources arranged and well in order?

This will ensure that all the proceedings on D-day happen as per plan.

When do you plan to launch your software?

Make sure that you don't finalize a date which clashes with another big event or launch which draws all the attention and you are left with on audience. Inform your audience well in advance but tell them about your product but don't disclose all the features. Keep them hidden to generate some curiosity.

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