Wednesday, February 25, 2009

7 best ways for buying a Cheap Laptop

Find out that the laptop has a Core 2 Duo processor and a memory of 1GB. Different types of laptops are there in the market. This gives you lots of options. Cheap laptops are available in the market as new and used laptops.

If you are searching a new laptop which is cheap then search the market well. Find out different brands available and different shops selling the laptops. Reach them and ask for the discount. Compare them and then make a purchase. Laptops with the latest technology come with a price.

The best is to search for a laptop which is about one to two year old. You can follow any of the following ways to get the best deal.

Reach power users and gamers

Power users and gamers are always on a look for new technology. They never hesitate in selling the laptops which they have with them, for a new one, with latest technology. This is because they never want to compromise the latest technology which they require for the games and power applications. So, if you have any such contacts, use them.

Search the manufacturers who sell cheap laptops

There are manufacturers who buy laptops from the individuals who wish to sell one with them. They then label these laptops at a price which is lower than the market price but give them a certain profit margin. Search such manufacturers and approach them.

Search online gamer forums

There are gamer forums where the gamers continuously discuss the latest technology. They also look for the individuals who can purchase their old laptops. Search these forums and try to visit each member in the forum. You will find laptops with latest technology available at affordable prices.

Read the local bulletin board

If you are looking for cheap laptop then don't overlook this option. This becomes important if you have some software companies nearby. Such companies display the information on the bulletin. You can find the sale option occasionally in this bulletin. Scan it and never miss a chance if the bulletin displays any such information.

Search refurbished laptops

You will find many around you. Don't go by the rumor that all refurbished laptops are bad. You can manage to get one year old laptop in perfect condition. Just search it.

Buy one with old technology

Laptop should serve your purpose. One with old technology is available at lower prices. You have the option to upgrade it in future. So go for it.

Search the laptop of at least 512MB

This compensates the slow speed and runs most of the applications easily at standard speed.

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