Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What are the advantages of Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoformed packaging reduce the per unit packaging cost. Besides this, the packaging offers several other benefits. Before going into the detail of all the advantages, let's find out what is thermoformed packaging.

This is a type of retail packaging. The clamshell packets which carry and hold toys, gifts, electronic goods, cosmetics and food items are nothing but the thermoformed packages. These are forms by melting the plastics. The melted plastic is then treated under vacuum and pressure over the customized moulds. This molding gives the particular shape to the plastic. It is then trimmed and cut to give it the desired shape. It is then assembled to pack the product. The custom based moulds are formed according to the product which is to be packed.

The thermoformed plastic thus gives the feature of both protection and display. The hard plastic case protects the product from dirt and injury. The transparent nature display the product features inside the clamshell. You can find such clamshell in the boxes containing the toys. The cell phones and accessories are also available in such casing.

Food items are also packed in such packages. This is because thermoformed packages don't affect the food properties, it keep the food tightly packed inside which prevent it from getting contaminated.

The other advantages of thermoformed plastic are:
  1. They are light in weight and durable.
  2. They reduce per unit packaging cost of the product. This help the company to cut down on the packaging cost of the product and thus increase profits.
  3. The thermoformed plastic is sustainable. It can be recycled and thus this reduces the garbage which is dumped by the companies in the environment. Thus the thermoforming technology is environment friendly.
  4. The plastic used for packaging is stiffer than the average plastic. This gives the products a high quality packaging.
  5. The stiff nature of the material has led the manufacturers to down grade to smaller containers.
  6. It acts as a better marketing tool for the manufacturers. The product features are displayed and thus the buyer can see what actually lies inside the packet.
  7. The transportation and inbound costs are reduced as the packaging does not add to the total weight of the product.
The thermoformed plastic is also widely used in the packaging of the medical items and surgical instruments. This is because the medical items remain in the sterilized form inside the clamshell packs.

The thermoformed packaging has taken the industries on waves. You can find almost all the items in the departmental store in such packs. The wide application and use of the plastic in itself indicate its advantages.

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