Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Importance of Industrial Computers

Computers are everywhere in the industry. They are in fact becoming an essential part of the industry. You can find them at the place of production. You can also find them at warehouses and almost everywhere and everyplace related to manufacturing of products.

Using computer in the industry increase the productivity and thus improves the profitability of the firm. The environment in a typical industry consists of dust, water, humidity, explosive materials and suspended particles. Under these conditions using a computer becomes a challenge.

Thus this makes the industrial computers expensive. They also need to be upgraded over time. This is to keep in pace with the technology. As the replacement cost of such computers is high hence they are upgraded occasionally. Due to this very reason stable hardware and software is used so that they can be used in the harsh environment to earn the profit for the company.

To make them withstand the environment in which they are used, different computers are designed. The industrial computers are so designed that they can be used in the harsh conditions of the industry.
Dust proof computers are used extensively in the industry. These computers have internal sealed units so that they are not affected by the dust. The sealing of the parts ensure that the dust does not penetrate the internal part of the computer and choke them leading to overheating and short circuiting of the machine. These computers are designed under US or European guidelines.

They are designed such that they get protection from the explosive and humid environment of the manufacturing place where they are used. There are enclosures designed so that the computers can be prevented from heat, dust, water and explosive material.

Waterproof computers for the industries are designed for the industries where the water forms an important part of manufacturing process. The standard personal computer can also be used and placed in a waterproof enclosure. The waterproof computers are made of outdated material to provide for resistance. These cannot be upgraded. Hence using standard personal computer in a waterproof enclosure can provide for safer and better option.

Single board computer are also used in the industry. They are designed so that they perform single task. For the industry they are designed to withstand shocks, vibrations, radio frequency, dust and other harsh conditions of the industry.

Today there are computers with different features which make the industrial computers reliable to use. They give better supply of power, have cooling fans of high quality, have low failure rate and can be customized to support different processors.

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