Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Applications for Mobile

What can you do with your mobile? You can store phone numbers and address of your friends and family, record calls, track the previous calls, set up reminders, set alarm, text message your friends, chat, browse internet, send picture messages, shoot pictures and videos, make your own notebook of daily activities, play games and stay connected with the world with latest news headline, download messages, ringtones and compose your own tones. 

This list is just an insight. Many more such applications can be added to this list. This list in fact represents the applications which all types of the mobile phones bring to us. There are smart phones and advanced versions as well which provide us with many more applications. 

You must have used yahoo messenger through your mobile. Yahoo mobile is the most common application of mobile which almost all of us have used one time or the other.  A small change in yahoo messenger and you can contact with your online buddies. AIM sync is the free service which helps you to synchronize your mobile phone with your Microsoft Outlook. 

The internet access is an extension of this feature. Smart phone available in the market today help you to access internet, compose and post mail so that you can stay in contact with your business and team of employees wherever you are. Some smart phones also support installation and running of video conferencing applications. 

Mobile devices today help you to share the data wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth enabled mobile phones help you to share the ringtones, wallpapers and important data. Bluetooth enabled mobiles also help you to mail or order print or fax if the devices for the same are Bluetooth enabled and within the range of handset. 

With mobile phones you can crop and develop your own movie clips, use USB ports to transfer the data on your computer or stream them on you tube and share them with your buddies. 

The GPs enabled phones act as tracking devices. These phones guide you where you are and what the best possible route can be to your destination. Most common application is the Google maps. These are available online and can be referred whenever you feel lost in a city.

Mobile commerce is gaining importance these days. This is the facility which is available to the users and which enable them to perform specific banking operations through mobile. 

Adding to the application is the spy software. This is the tracking and recording software which you can download on your mobile and once active help you to track and record the call or messages. 

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