Wednesday, February 25, 2009

7 best ways for buying a Cheap Laptop

Find out that the laptop has a Core 2 Duo processor and a memory of 1GB. Different types of laptops are there in the market. This gives you lots of options. Cheap laptops are available in the market as new and used laptops.

If you are searching a new laptop which is cheap then search the market well. Find out different brands available and different shops selling the laptops. Reach them and ask for the discount. Compare them and then make a purchase. Laptops with the latest technology come with a price.

The best is to search for a laptop which is about one to two year old. You can follow any of the following ways to get the best deal.

Reach power users and gamers

Power users and gamers are always on a look for new technology. They never hesitate in selling the laptops which they have with them, for a new one, with latest technology. This is because they never want to compromise the latest technology which they require for the games and power applications. So, if you have any such contacts, use them.

Search the manufacturers who sell cheap laptops

There are manufacturers who buy laptops from the individuals who wish to sell one with them. They then label these laptops at a price which is lower than the market price but give them a certain profit margin. Search such manufacturers and approach them.

Search online gamer forums

There are gamer forums where the gamers continuously discuss the latest technology. They also look for the individuals who can purchase their old laptops. Search these forums and try to visit each member in the forum. You will find laptops with latest technology available at affordable prices.

Read the local bulletin board

If you are looking for cheap laptop then don't overlook this option. This becomes important if you have some software companies nearby. Such companies display the information on the bulletin. You can find the sale option occasionally in this bulletin. Scan it and never miss a chance if the bulletin displays any such information.

Search refurbished laptops

You will find many around you. Don't go by the rumor that all refurbished laptops are bad. You can manage to get one year old laptop in perfect condition. Just search it.

Buy one with old technology

Laptop should serve your purpose. One with old technology is available at lower prices. You have the option to upgrade it in future. So go for it.

Search the laptop of at least 512MB

This compensates the slow speed and runs most of the applications easily at standard speed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Astronomical Telescope: Amazing Way to See Star to Stars

We use telescope to view the distant objects. Astronomical telescope is used for stargazing. Telescopes are refracting and reflecting telescopes. The telescope has two lenses. One is the objective lens and other the eyepiece. The objective lens receives the light from the distant objects and converge it to the eyepiece lens. The eyepiece lens spread the light so that the image is formed in the retina of the eye.

The image formed depends upon the quality of the lens used. Higher the quality, more clear and sharp is the image. To make the best use of your astronomical telescope, you have to carry it to a place away from the country, where you can find clear sky.

You can search the websites and the libraries to find out what you can see with your telescope. The astronomical charts are available in the libraries. These charts come with explanations and prove a very helpful guide to find out what we can see with our telescope.

Consider certain points if you are going to buy a telescope. First be aware that if you are going to buy a cheap telescope then it will only help you to view the clear sky and not the distant stars for which you wish to purchase it. Search for planet telescope with 20 x 50 listing. This number tells you that the object will be magnified for about twenty times of what you see with your normal eye.

Never get swayed with the images printed on the cover of the telescope box. They are from the professionals. And when you search the object from your telescope, they appear in black and white.
Understand the object first and then go out into the market for purchase. First find out why you need the telescope and what you want to see in the sky. Then move out into the market to search one.

There are basically two types of telescopes available in the market; Refractive telescope and reflective telescope. The Kepler telescope is the improved form of Gallilean telescope and it comes under the category of refractive telescopes. This Kepler telescope use convex eyepiece in contrast to the concave eyepiece used in Gallilean telescope.

You can use your telescope to view different type of stars in the sky, the meteors and lots of things. Telescope in fact unfolds the sky above. You can peep into the sky and explore different stars, planets and look at the places which we cannot see with our naked eyes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

How to select the Digital Camcorder

Select the camcorder on the basis of features such as:
  1. Optical/digital zoom.
  2. MiniDVD recording.
  3. Night scope.
  4. Megapixel.
  5. PC connection.
  6. Viewfinder and LCD screen.
  7. Lens filter.
  8. Image stabilizer.
  9. Battery and microphone.
Now discuss them in brief

Zoom is the number of times the image is magnified without affecting the picture quality. Higher the zoom, shakier is the picture. So choose an optimum level of zoom feature.

Night shoot makes you to shoot pictures in night conditions. Find out if your camcorder is able to shoot color pictures.

Memory stores the still pictures as well as the videos. Standard memory of the camcorder is 8GB. They are also available in the memory of 16GB and 32GB. Find out the memory of your camcorder.

Viewfinder and LCD panel help you to see what you are shooting. Check whether your viewfinder display pictures in color as well as black and white. The LCD comes in size of 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch. To check your LCD screen, just place it in daylight and see if the images on the screen are clear and sharp.

Image stabilization stabilizes and removes the slight shaking in the video stabilization. Optical is considered superior to the digital form.

Lens filter during shooting. This is of two types- digital and optical image
this is necessary to prevent the lens from injury and dust. You can opt for additional filter and use them to shoot clear pictures in bright light.

PC connection is the feature that helps your camcorder to connect to the PC. Don't ignore this feature if you wish to share the pictures and videos with your friends over the net. Make sure the camcorder has USB jack or FireWire if you wish to load your videos on your computer and edit them.

Battery runs your camcorder. Standard battery is able to pull your camcorder comfortably for one hour. Find out whether a battery charger is available with your camcorder.

Besides these features megapixels and autofocus also form important features to be considered. The autofocus enable you to take pictures of fast moving objects while megapixel makes the pictures more sharp and clear. Higher the megapixels, brighter and sharper the image is.

Best is, experiment with one. See that you are comfortable handling it. See that you understand the features well. See that the camcorder is not bulky and heavy. See that your camcorder works well with still pictures. Also check the flash light option. Ask your friends about the camcorders they are using. Which feature they find most interesting and which feature they miss in their camcorder.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Importance of Industrial Computers

Computers are everywhere in the industry. They are in fact becoming an essential part of the industry. You can find them at the place of production. You can also find them at warehouses and almost everywhere and everyplace related to manufacturing of products.

Using computer in the industry increase the productivity and thus improves the profitability of the firm. The environment in a typical industry consists of dust, water, humidity, explosive materials and suspended particles. Under these conditions using a computer becomes a challenge.

Thus this makes the industrial computers expensive. They also need to be upgraded over time. This is to keep in pace with the technology. As the replacement cost of such computers is high hence they are upgraded occasionally. Due to this very reason stable hardware and software is used so that they can be used in the harsh environment to earn the profit for the company.

To make them withstand the environment in which they are used, different computers are designed. The industrial computers are so designed that they can be used in the harsh conditions of the industry.
Dust proof computers are used extensively in the industry. These computers have internal sealed units so that they are not affected by the dust. The sealing of the parts ensure that the dust does not penetrate the internal part of the computer and choke them leading to overheating and short circuiting of the machine. These computers are designed under US or European guidelines.

They are designed such that they get protection from the explosive and humid environment of the manufacturing place where they are used. There are enclosures designed so that the computers can be prevented from heat, dust, water and explosive material.

Waterproof computers for the industries are designed for the industries where the water forms an important part of manufacturing process. The standard personal computer can also be used and placed in a waterproof enclosure. The waterproof computers are made of outdated material to provide for resistance. These cannot be upgraded. Hence using standard personal computer in a waterproof enclosure can provide for safer and better option.

Single board computer are also used in the industry. They are designed so that they perform single task. For the industry they are designed to withstand shocks, vibrations, radio frequency, dust and other harsh conditions of the industry.

Today there are computers with different features which make the industrial computers reliable to use. They give better supply of power, have cooling fans of high quality, have low failure rate and can be customized to support different processors.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Computer Support - MSCONFIG

The Computer is one of the things which I feel that you will definitely find it to be a necessary evil you must have a computer in your office and even at home on which you work. Every time your computer crashes out you need to call the technician. And I must tell you that either you or the technician is bound to look stupid at sometimes. However if you believe me then I would like to add that it is the technician on most of the cases, so you should not really feel bad.

In the coming paragraphs I am going to tell you about the trick which will help you a lot and you will be saved to call the technician or the Uncle Bobs thirds cousin's friend in order to make your computer again work.

Let's start from the beginning. You must know that what the computer does when it boots up. For this I would like to ask that what you check when you wake up every morning. Not to think it ironically it is quiet sure that you will be quiet frightened if you find out some morning that one of your hand is missing. This is what the computer does when it boots up. It checks whether all its drives and in fact all the hardware are working or not. It uses the registry for this. It checks that all what he remembers is being ticked in the registry or not. Hence you can think of the registry to be the brain. However I would not like you to play with the register if you are new to computers.

Windows come with inbuilt software which manages the registry for you. One of these which you should definitely know is the MSCONFIG. Every program you down load at first is thought that you will need it every time you startup your computer. They really make arrangement so that all these programs start up every time you start up your computer. Even the Microsoft office and the Corel office think that install themselves in the startup process. They must have thought while writing the program that the entire user will need their software every time they start up their computer.

What you all have to do is to at the start and select the run command. Type MSCONFIG. A Window will pop up with few options like normal startup, diagnostic setup and selective startup. You will have to select the selective startup. Then you will have to select the startup at the above part of the window. You will get a list of [programs that automatically runs when you boot your computer. You can disable the program which you do not want to automatically start up.

However you will have to be very selective and cautious. For example you can disable the program like quick task, msn messenger and the yahoo messenger. But you can really not disable some virus programs or the hardware like printer mouse etc.

Hence I do feel that a proper use of MS CONFIG can be a great advantage and a handy tool in your hand.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Website Design New York

If you are New York and you are in some business then I must tell you that you cannot really survive without the web site. Hence it is really very important to note that website is a must for you and you will definitely have to get in touch with some website designer so that you can prepare your own website.

There are various website designing in New York who really provides the facility of the website designing. Keeping in mind your company's goals and individuality, most of the foremost website design experts in New York offer high class service, ranging from ecommerce solutions to customized desktop applications. They develop exceptional and functional websites which are sure to improve your business.

Website developers in New York are really providing some of the excellent services and I must say that they use all the modern and latest techniques to build the website.
  1. Flash and multimedia development
  2. Website template creation
  3. Corporate logo creation
  4. Banner designing
  5. Identity and brand driven web designing
  6. Web layout/page creation
  7. E-commerce website creation with shopping cart solutions, online
  8. Catalogues, and more
  9. Flash headers and photo slide shows
  10. JavaScript programming
  11. Audio and video streaming
These all are done with the help of the latest technology. All have the respective importance.
Behind all this there are some basic objectives of the website designers. They are as follows:
  1. Combining eye-catching graphic design with innovative web technologies
  2. Develop websites that are attractive
  3. user friendly
  4. search engine friendly
  5. crisp and understandable
  6. quick loading
  7. easy to update
  8. expand
  9. And resolution compatible
You must have heard about the and the PHP. I must tell you that these two are the latest technologies which are used for coding purpose. I must tell you that you will find both of them to be equally good.

I do feel that the most important thing apart from all this is the color which really is very important if you want to make your website look attractive. You must know that dark red and blue are the busy colors and the white and the cream colors are the symbol of relaxation. Hence you can really make the background with different colors but you must know that you will have to make sure that you know the meaning for which different colors stand for.

If you will clearly look at the website development industry then you will definitely find out that there are lots more work to be done in this field and it is still an open market. I do feel that you can make thousands of dollars in this field.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spice D88 Mobile Phone

Spice D88 is the first dual mode mobile of India. It allows the user to use both the technology related to GSM and the CDMA. It gives you two numbers one of GSM and the other of CDMA and you can switch between the two whenever you require it. It lets you call from any SIM cards either it is GSM or the CDMA. This technology is not a new one. It really makes better arrangements for you and is quiet economical as well.


Following are some of the special features of this mobile phone:
  1. It gives the user freedom to use two numbers on same mobile phone. It allows you to switch between two numbers whenever you want. It lets you to make calls and messages from any SIM.
  2. It features a 1.3 mega pixel camera and the 262k screen. The camera is really very good and provides a good resolution when you will like to take any photograph. The standard of the photograph taken from this mobile phone is generally very good.
  3. This phone has all the normal features like phone book entry, call waiting options, call registers and lots of hello tunes.
  4. It has also the features like calendar and the alarm clock as well as the calculator.
  5. The phone is also equipped with the FM and you will also get one headphone with the hand set.
  6. As far as the connectivity is concerned I do feel that you will definitely find the USB with the set. However the connectivity is just limited to the USB.
  7. The set do not have any inbuilt memory but it comes with the 1 GB micro SD card.
You must be wondering up till now that how you can really operate the both the numbers at a time.However I must tell you that it is really quiet easy. All you have to do is to use the option of cal waiting. When you are using the CDMA number and you suddenly receive the phone call on the GSM then the GSM number phone call will be in call waiting mode. You can really change and receive any of the two calls. The other number will automatically be transferred to the call waiting mode. However I must tell you that it is not all that easy. I do feel that you will definitely find lots of difficulty in doing this since you will always come up with some drawbacks. All I can say at present is that the research is still under process.

However this phone has really brought the revolution in the field of mobile technology and I do feel that you can only hope some better phone using this technology in the coming future.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mistakes in Launching a Software Product

To make your software product a hit it is important to avoid the undesired situation altogether. If avoiding the situation is not possible then try to limit it to minimum so that the launch of your software goes exactly as scheduled. But what can you do to make sure that all the things are right, are in place and are up to the mark? There are ways to ascertain all this. Ask yourself certain questions.

What is the budget for the launch?

A pre defined budget save you from last minute expenses. It is important to frame a realistic budget which covers all the aspects of the launch. Well laid budget saves you from overspending. Also make sure that you lay down a part of your budget for those unforeseen situations which might spoil the launch of your software.

What is your market strategy?

A market strategy equips you with all the tactics so that you can make your product a success. Make a team comprising members from all the level of management so that you have all the brains working at different management level which can suggest you the most innovative solutions to make launch a hit. Work with the team to research the market, to find out your strength and weakness so that you have all the information which you can dissipate to the media as well as hand over to your advertizing department or the agency or the concerned committee looking after the launch.

Can you prelaunch your product?

You designed the product for your customers and not for yourself and it is your customers who will use your product. Therefore it is important to get their feedback. For this you can test market the product. You can take up some surveys and get the feedback. Pre launching is all about making your customers aware of the product that you will launch in future. Test marketing and collecting the feedback will help you to create awareness and discover weakness well in advance. This will give you time to make improvements before you finally launch it to your customers.

Did you provide all the information to your advertizing company?

This is important so that they can devise the right strategy for the launch.

Are all the resources arranged and well in order?

This will ensure that all the proceedings on D-day happen as per plan.

When do you plan to launch your software?

Make sure that you don't finalize a date which clashes with another big event or launch which draws all the attention and you are left with on audience. Inform your audience well in advance but tell them about your product but don't disclose all the features. Keep them hidden to generate some curiosity.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Sony Ericsson W710i Mobile Phone

People take their phone with them while they are jogging. They do the jogging for a quiet a good number of kilometers. While on your run I do feel that you must have always thought of some kind of gadgets being installed in your mobile phone. For example you will definitely find some way to calculate how far you have run, at what speed you were running and how many steps you have taken. You must know that all these calculation are either done by the speedometer of the pedometer. I must say if you have ever dreamed of such features in your mobile phone then I must say that you search is over now. The Sony Ericsson W710i really comes up with all such features.

The fitness application really helps you in calculating the distance you have run and even how many steps you have taken. While some sporty enthusiast would definitely like to have some more features but it is really excellent for a common man. Other consumers have really given the suggestion to include the GPS antenna to calculate the distance. But in this mobile a speedometer is planted and it does the rest. The pedometer calculates the number of steps which you have taken to complete the jogging. The pedometer automatically resets itself at midnight and saves the data for your strides for the day so that you can retrieve the data easily whenever you require it.

The phone also comes up with the calorie counter as well. It will give you the exact details of the amount of calorie which you have burnt during the jogging. This can really be a great thing for you if you do the exercise daily to maintain your body. You will be glad to note that you will not require any other gadget for this. You can easily set your Sony W710i mobile and then you can easily get all such information. It comes with a strap for the arm and also the belt clip. The pedometer will not work without this.

Apart from all this you will also find some great music facilities as well. The mobile allows the 10MB memory for music. However you can select the extra memory card as well. The phone comes up with the 512 memory card. But you can buy the memory card of larger size afterwards as well. A digital headphone is also provided with the mobile and you can always listen to some of the best songs while you are jogging.
The camera is also good but you will not find it to be as good as some other sets of Sony. However you must remember that it is a walkman phone rather than camera phone.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bleu 555X Mobile Phone

This mobile phone gives you all the features which you want in your mobile. Let's explore the features which this phone offers.

The design

This is an ultra slim mobile with 1.8 inches of screen. The mobile is coated with plastic in front which add to its reflectivity. This is light in weight and carries an internal antenna.

The keypad is simple to work with. They are similar to those found in most of the cell phones. The number of keys is in their usual number. There are two soft keys on the side. Besides it has a five way navigation pad. On the right side there are volume control buttons. Below these soft buttons which help you to control volume there is a media key.

The media key launches the media in a standby mode. This button has on more application. While using the camera this button act as a shutter button and helps you to open and close the camera. Below this media key there is an USB port where you can connect your headphone.


The phone has a two mega pixel camera. This comes with CMSO technology, this technology helps to convert the light into electrons. With this camera you can shoot stills as well as record your own videos. With the 1.8 inch TFT screen and 128 x 160 resolutions you can view the picture that you shoot.


This is the feature which adds value to this phone. Not only you but many along whit you can talk to the person on the other side. The sound quality and the capacity which the speaker of this phone delivers are remarkable.


This phone comes with an extendable memory. The internal storage is sixty MB. The multimedia menu displays the files that remain stored in the phone and the card memory. This feature is of importance but to access these files you will have to go through the multimedia browser.


For the music lovers this phone gives them the FM radio which you can schedule to record transmission directly into internal and external storage in .amr format. The integrated music player support formats such as MIDI, AMR, MP3, AAC and WAVE.


The battery is lithium ion one which support two hours of talk time and fifty hours of standby with intermittent use of multimedia use without a recharge. You also get an additional battery in package which just double the time of usage.

What more?

This phone support Bluetooth and five types of games out of which two are java games. GPRS feature keeps you connected with the internet world. All this wrapped up in a small sleek mobile which you can cary in your pocket wherever you go.