Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things to Know About Silver Nano Health Technology

Silver nano technology is based on the concept of destroying the bacteria by the use of ionized silver particles. The technology is used in range of electrical appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners.

Samsung launched its washing machine which claims of releasing several silver ions during the wash cycle that inhibit the bacterial cell growth and destroy the bacterial cells thus making the clothes germ free and bacteria free. The clothes also get coated with thin layer of the silver ions so that the clothes remain bacteria free for the next thirty days after the wash.

As the silver is effective in killing the bacteria hence it is effective in controlling the bad odors which is in turn caused by the bacterial action on food or other such organic matter. This property is thus used in coating the inner layers of the refrigerators. The Samsung has extended this technology application in their refrigerators by coating the inner walls of the refrigerators so as to keep the fridge free of odors, bacteria and fungus.

There are computer keyboards, mouse and laptops coated with such silver layer so as to make the computer germ and bacteria resistant. A South Korean company is using silver nano colloid technology in its appliances which release silver particles and purify the water that is germ free.

This water can be used for sterilizing different utensils and appliances used frequently in our homes and are considered to prevent us from different infectious diseases like infection of eye and illness. The water can also be used in the preparation of the cosmetics due to its germ free nature. In fact the sterilized water can be used any where for any purpose.

The company also has air purifier working on the same technology and releasing both positive and negative ions to purify the air around in our home. The silver nano perfume ejector can purify the air and make your room smelling clean free of bacteria. It also eliminates the bad odor in the room by using the water particles in the room air and releasing the silver ions that kills bacteria and sterilize the room air.

Although the technology has the benefits of sterilization but the wider application is questioned by the scientists and the researchers who are still not sure of its effect on human being. The environmentalists are also concerned with the use of technology as the released silver ions will effect the biological purification treatment of the sewage and waste water.

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