Friday, November 14, 2008

New Range and variety of Handycam Batteries

There are new range and variety of handycam batteries available in the market. Sony has launched rechargeable H series handycam batteries in the market. These are in the name of Sony infolithium extra capacity battery, Sony handycam camera battery B9594, Sony handycam camera battery 9593, SC5 camcorder battery, vision CCD TRV65 Camcorder battery and Sony NP-FH100 InfoLithium H series battery.

There are other companies as well. Some of such companies manufacturing handycam batteries are Sanyo electric company limited, Spectrum brands, Toshiba America Electronic components, Ultralife batteries and TCL Hyper power batteries.

The InfoLithium battery of Sony is the rechargeable battery in the H series of Sony Infolithium battery category. This battery is compatible with almost all Sony Handycams such as DCRDVD408, DCRDVD308, DCRDVD103, DCRDVD92 and DCRDVD38, to name few of them.

Theses Sony rechargeable batteries keep your handycam running for one hour on a continuous basis. The CCD-TR200 camcorder of Sony uses battery of small size. The battery is of small size when compared to the similar power nickel cadmium battery. NP-FP90 Lithium ion battery is compatible with Sony DVD camcorders, thus it is designed for Sony DVD/HC handycam.

InfoLithium battery is the rechargeable battery given by Sony. The AccuPower Infolithium battery has the AccuPower meter display. This feature tells you about the remaining life of the battery. You can view it on the LCD screen or the viewfinder. Thus you can continue to make the video and keep a track on the remaining life of the battery. When the life is about to get over, you can recharge it. The feature of the battery to recharge anytime set it apart from the nickel cadmium battery. This is because of the fact that the lithium ions are not prone to the memory effect.

Other forms like NP-QM7ID Info Lithium M series rechargeable battery and NP-FM50 Infolithium M series rechargeable battery come under the new range and variety of battery launched by Sony for its camcorder users. ACC-FP71 high capacity battery is compatible with almost all type of handycams.
Battery is an important part of your handycam. You use your handycam to trap those moments which you never want to forget. Therefore you need a reliable battery so that you never miss a chance to capture those important moments.

Different types of batteries are available in the market for your handycam. They are from different manufactures and come in different sizes. Most of them are designed so that they are compatible with different handycams available in the market. New range and varieties are thus available in kits and different offers from the manufacturers, so that you capture the moments and keep them with you forever.

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