Monday, November 17, 2008

How to Convert Your Car to Electric Vehicle

The process requires you to modify the mechanical parts of your car. To convert your car to electric vehicle you require an electric kit. But not all cars can be converted to electric cars. The process is not cheaper either. You spend around $500 in the conversion process.

But the money you spend is worth it. You save money in the long run. The conversion reduces the dependence of your car engine on gasoline. Thus you save money and run your car those extra miles. The conversion of your car to electric vehicle makes it more eco friendly. Hence you also contribute a little from your side in making your environment clean and green. It gives you quite engine.

The conversion process involves the removal of the car engine and placing an electric motor in its place. If you want to make your own car kit then you require batteries, controller battery charger and electric car conversion guide. Next, you follow the instructions in the guide or manual and convert your vehicle into electric car.

There are conversion kits available in the market. These are compatible to most of the gasoline cars. Thus most of the cars that run on gas can be modified to run on batteries.

If you plan to convert your car to electric vehicle, then first thing that you have to do is find out whether your car is light or heavy weight. If light weight, go ahead. But if your car is heavy, try to avoid the conversion. Adding the electric conversion kit leads to adding additional weight to your car. Find out that your car can handle the extra weight.

Next, get the guide or manual in which you find the details about the gasoline engine. You need this so that you are well aware of all the parts in your gasoline car. Along with the manual of gas engine for cars search the manual for the conversion of the gas car to electric vehicle. Read it thoroughly and follow the instructions step by step. Consider about the power steering and air conditioning. Both the things use battery. So, arrange the set up accordingly.

Use both the guides so that you connect and arrange all the parts of your car properly. This ensues that your set up is correct and not defective. You can experiment with your car and turn it into a vehicle which runs on batteries. Converting your car to electric vehicle is not a tough job. You just need to clear your fundamentals about the engine and the set up in your car. You can achieve this with conversion kit and the manuals available in the market.

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