Saturday, November 8, 2008

Know About Sim Free Mobile Phones

To gain a greater piece of the market the mobile phone manufacturers and service providers are coming up with new concepts. The most common feature by which the mobile users get attracted to any service provider is low charges and good coverage. Sim free mobile phone is thus a solution to the rising demand of the consumers for cheap and excellent mobile services.

Sim free mobile phones do not require any network connection. The user can make their choice of the network connection and take the service. These are different from the contract mobile phones. These are GSM phones which give the users all the flexibility to choose network. Thus you can buy the mobile set of your choice of any company and insert the sim of any service provider according to your preference.

It can be of a great benefit to you if you are a frequent traveler and visit different regions for business meeting and similar work related issues. You can find the difference if you have used the contract based mobile phone in which you pay the roaming charges and similar charges. The sim free mobile phones give you the freedom to use the sim of the region and avoid such charges.

These sim free mobile are also useful for the mobile addicts who frequently change their mobile phone so that they can use the latest features coming up with the shinny sleek small gizmo. If you are not satisfied with the service of the service provider then you can easily switch over to the services of other provider in the market.

This on the other hand has given rise to the tough competition among the service providers who are coming up with different schemes so as to lure the customers and increase their market share. The customers are getting benefited by new services like free ringtones, caller tunes and other value added services. Although the maximum users mainly choose the service on the basis of the coverage and networking but number is not less of customers who choose the service providers on the basis of value added service.

This on the other side is keeping the service providers on their toes that are coming up with new ideas and services so as to retain their existing customers and make them their satisfied and loyal customers. On the user front, these new schemes are making them difficult to choose among the different service providers.

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Lord Voldemort said...

Well, yeah. It does make the service providers cutting their throats by offering better services at a lower price. It is the case here in most Asian countries particularly Malaysia. Now, they've came up with a better plan. You can change any network you want, anytime without having to change your number. All you need to do is pay a minor administration fee and you are set to go. If you feel that another network provider offers a better price, then you can change with a small costs of USD5 or so.