Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is getting popular with each passing day. It is seen as the most convenient way of communication for business in all the sectors and the industries. Unlike the voice conferences, this telecommunication method uses interactive telecommunication technology and audio and visual aids for communication. The individuals thus communicating by this process can have more personal interaction than in voice communication.

The business houses are tapping this telecommunication method to conduct conferences and meeting. They are also using the technology to give their customers seeking information, a more personalized interaction with the employees in the organization. The results obtained are more obvious and satisfying than obtained from other communication sources.

The business houses can conduct meetings on the web. The method thus helps to overcome geographical barriers and the time barriers. The employees in different branches and subsidiaries located in different regions and countries can interact among themselves, share their views and information. This helps to cut down the cost on travel and other related activities. The information can be shared any time and any place conveniently.

The technology can be used for any activity. It can be used to conduct interviews, conduct training sessions. It can be used to demonstrate the products to the clients and convey policy changes to all the employees in different branches and subsidiaries located in different regions.
The technology thus provides flexible and versatile solutions to the business houses with branches and subsidiaries scattered in different countries.

Video conferencing not only helps to cut down the costs but also helps in saving the time. The employees don't waste time in travelling to and from the place of meeting. The expenses on fuel and travel reduce drastically. The resources thus saved can be utilized for other business activities. And more over the results obtained are far more satisfactory.

The information and knowledge is transferred at faster rate than by any other source. This method generates more satisfactory results and better knowledge sharing and also forms better method to gather variety of information in less time.

Video conferencing is widely used in business and educational fields. It is also used in surveillance and medical field as telemedicine. It finds its application in emergency response and security as well. In general it is used for conducting business meetings, for giving training in educational institutes and to discuss the medical cases on the web.

With the flexibility and versatility it offers to the different business, it surely offers the business enterprises a solution for connectivity which can earn profits for the enterprise.

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