Monday, November 3, 2008

Importance of Satellite Communication Technology

There are artificial man made satellites revolving around earth which help us to communicate. In fact they help us in many ways. The television that we watch and the internet that we browse all work through the satellite technology. The technology is in fact used at all those places where the use of cables and wires is practically impossible.

It first and most important application was in inter country long distance telephony. These satellite phones get connected directly through geostationary satellite and then the signals are transmitted to teleport which is connected to a satellite phone system. The technology is used in the regions or places where the submarine communication cables and fiber optic cables is not possible.

The technology is also applied for television and radio broadcasting. Today the dish TV used widely is an improved version of the satellite technology which was given for the first time by Arthur Clarke in 1957. Since then it has improved a lot with dozens of channels for entertainment. The technology has thus benefited the entertainment industry hugely which has also grown and evolved into its present version giving range of entertainment to its viewers.

Technology is used in the military for communication. UHF radio links, global command and control system are some form of application of satellite technology for military communication. Besides this the technology is widely used for global positioning. This is helpful for mapping of regions. A detailed map of a particular region can thus be framed and used for various purposes. Satellite imagery has also gained much importance and is giving many benefits to the researchers in geographical field.
The technology is beneficial for forecasting of weather. With the improvement in technology and new advances being made the weather can be predicted with greater accuracy. This has its own importance as different research expeditions and explorations of various regions are dependent upon weather forecast. The airlines and similar mode of transportations are also dependent on accurate weather predictions.

There are satellite internet services used widely by the business enterprises. The satellite internet provides the enterprises to use VOIP feature. This feature is very important for the companies with branches in remote locations where broadband connections are too costly or are not possible to use due to geographic conditions of the region. The satellite internet thus provides for easy connectivity and prevents the company from all those financial losses due to the use of broadband connections.

Thus the technology has its own importance and is used widely in different fields benefiting us in different ways.

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Sandeep said...

can terrestial microwave be used for communicaiton between countries??
Is under sea cables for communicaitons between countries is costlier than satellite communicaitons???