Sunday, November 2, 2008

Advantages of 3G Technology

3G is the latest wireless technology. It is an improvement over 2G providing wireless access to the data and information to the users from any where and anytime. It is the latest mobile technology and in fact the generic name for the host of mobile technologies.

What are its benefits?
You can perform all those functions that you perform at present with your mobile devices but at much higher speed than before. It provides you with faster connectivity, faster internet access, and music entertainment with improved quality. The benefits are immense. You can avail the benefits of video calling. You can call you friend and have a video call facility. The clarity is better and the facility can be enjoyed as long as both of you are using the 3G technology.

You can use your mobile phone as a modem for your computer and mail the important documents. Downloading games and songs is much faster with this technology. You can download your favorite games in your mobile and start playing. You can also download the music videos or simply the songs. The technology enable for much faster download. Hence it will take only few minutes to download movie clips or albums.

You can also view the news headlines get information about the evening weather so that you can plan your party. You can find out the latest baseball score and any latest news about your favorite sport. The 3G phones with their advanced feature will also enable you to watch exciting highlights of your favorite sport. With the increased speed and improved quality of the services provided in the 3G phones, you can view the movie clips and the music videos with more clear picture than with the 2.5G technology mobiles.

The 3G technology provide you with the data transmission speed of up to 2Mbps when you are using the phone in stationary mode. It also provides high degree of connectivity and increased networking and most importantly the resistance to noise.

The technology has in fact increased the bit rate thus enabling the service providers to provide high speed internet facilities, increased call volumes and host of the multimedia applications to their customers. All these services can be provided to the customers on the basis of the amount of data they transmit and not on the time for which they use the service thus making the services cheaper for us.

What next? Just get the 3G mobile and mail your friends, enjoy the video clips before deciding for the movie, download games

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