Sunday, November 23, 2008

How to select the Best MP3 Player

The most portable and easy to use device for the music lovers is the MP3 players. It has been successful enough in replacing cassettes, CDs and DVDs and has become the very important part of our life. It accompanies us wherever we go. It is the best travel accessory while traveling and has served even the businessmen to lower their tensions and stress on the move and every youth craves for it.

As we are getting the latest MP3 players with all the features from various companies so it becomes very difficult for us to choose the best player. So here are few tips to help you in getting the best MP3 player in your hand so that you can really go and boast it off in front of your friends.
  • First of all decide that whether you want to play only audio or video as well. If you want video to be played then you will have to buy the MP4 or MP5 player. But if you want to listen to audio then go and buy the MP3 player. And make sure you get with the perfect sound system into it.
  • Second thing to check is about the type of the MP3 player. The one which comes with the Flash memory cannot store much of the songs and is inexpensive. But hard disk players are of high capacity storage and are expensive. They even consume more power as compared to flash mp3 players.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is about the memory that comes in these players so that you can decide how many songs you want to store in it and buy according to that.
  • Even look out for the battery whether it is in built or external and whether it is rechargeable or not. Those players which come with built-in batteries are small in size and are also not so expensive. Also to keep in mind is that MP3 players with external batteries play for a really long time.
  • You should not forget to check for the latest additional features MP3 players come up with. These features include Display screen size & functions, FM radio receiver, built in microphones, recording FM radio, flash video games and easy accessible playlist and titles.
  • Mostly people look out for the LCD screen as they are becoming more popular with clear display.
  • Also look for other accessories such as wireless or corded headset, USB support to transfer songs from your PC to MP3 player, or having the Bluetooth feature.
  • Last thing is take that MP3 player that suits your budget. Ask yourself the range in which you would like to spend and what all you need in it. Take advantage of the advertisements on the various websites or newspapers.
Thus these interesting tips will really prove useful for you when you go to buy that small latest musical device known as MP3 Player.

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