Saturday, October 25, 2008

What is Technology

We use mobile to communicate, watch television news to find what is happening around us, open our computers and browse the net, drive cars and bikes, go to the physician who examines us through all the machines and the equipments to find out what is wrong inside our body and gives the prescription. All this is technology that we are using. Broadly technology means the application of the theory into practice or for the practical purposes. It helps us to perform the work more easily.

Technology includes all the machines and tools and the way how we use them. Today when we use technology we generally mean computers, mobiles, cars, satellites, space ships, and many such types.

Although it existed in the prehistoric ages when man evolved and used the weapons of different types, but at today it has moved to heights, thanks to the scientific methods that gained importance in the fifteenth century. The technology is still developing today and newer technologies are fast emerging. The advancements are getting more obvious in information, medical, nuclear, energy, and robotics and in fact all things that we use.

Technologies like the Bluetooth, Global Positioning System, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biofuels, wireless communication, VOIP technology; blue ray technology, plasma technology and many more are being used and talked among us.

It is all around us in every sphere of our life and making our life better by helping us to carry on our activities so easily.

Say for example the most used technology among us, the internet. It has changed the way we perform our jobs.
  • Now we shop and purchase our essentials on the net
  • transfer money and check our accounts by just visiting the bank site entering our name and password
  • Talk to our friends, send them messages, search the books and journals and many more such functions
For business too it has benefited a lot:
  • The companies can save cash by keeping all the records and connecting the departments through intranet and internet,
  • track and manage inventory
  • conduct video conferences
  • use software to compare previous records compare them make a trend analysis and take decisions
  • Collaborate with various associate to form a virtual enterprise
The advancement in nuclear technology and space technology is making us to discover the atmosphere and life in outer space. The mobile technology helps us stay connected.

All these just form the tip of the iceberg named technology. A lot more is there in store. Just look around and discover.

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