Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Is Bluetooth Technology

Technological advancements in the wireless communication are fast catching up and Bluetooth technology is one of them. Named after the Danish king, Harlad Blatand, Bluetooth, is the technology that uses short range radio waves at 2.4 GHz bands to connect the digital appliances, laptops, headsets, mobile devices and other portable devices, so as to have a wireless communication within a small area called as Personal Area Network (PAN).

This technology came as an innovation from Erricson. And gradually became popular with the teaming up of the other IT companies and the mobile phones, so as to provide a facility to their customers for wireless communication within their work places or their home.

This technology enables the performance of the various tasks using the mobile phones, laptops, digital camera within an area of ten to fifteen meters, which can get interconnected with each other using the Bluetooth technology, till they are switched on. Once the devices with Bluetooth come within this area range they get interconnected. Thus a Bluetooth headset having RS transceiver, protocol, connects to a Bluetooth device which is at 7 meter distance. Thus the easy use of VOIP technology is also a feature and advantage of Bluetooth.

Once the devices are in the range they automatically exchange the address and other authentication details and get connected wirelessly.

For a Bluetooth all that is required is a small microchip, a mobile device or a digital camera or a laptop or portable device, radio waves, GSM or CDMA feature in your mobile. The main function is of the chip which like the cables transmits the information to the receiver chip at a particular radio frequency. As the devices with Bluetooth come in a specific range of 10-15 meters they get connected creating a network. The network thus formed is called as Personal Area Network (PAN) or piconet.

Upto eight devices can connect within this range and data can be transferred at the speed of 1-2Mbps. The authentication by the user is at 128 bit encryption. One device within a piconet can be a part of other piconet which is enabled by timesharing.

So you can synchronize the calendar and your contacts on your personal computer and palmtops, exchange and share data between devices like PDA and desktop without the use of USB portals.

Bluetooth technology, as it develops over time and year will enable for a convenient wireless communication and task performance under a much wider area.

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