Friday, October 31, 2008

Benefits of DVD Technology

Moving from the VCR to the CD and then to DVD, the technology has improved many folds. Earlier it was VHS tapes that were there to store the movies and made to play. Then came the small compact discs, commonly called as CDs. These were small, handy and can store music, games, and movies. But the major drawback was that the storage capacity was less and it require around 2-3 CDs to store a movie or favorite music videos.

DVDs an acronym of Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc are an improvement over the compact disc. They have large storage space and a large amount of data can be stored in them as compared to the CDs. There are other advantages also, such as:
  1. The DVDs can be written on both the sides. A feature above CDs where the data can be written only on one side.
  2. The DVD reader can read a CD also in contrast to the CD reader that cannot read a DVD.
  3. The storage capacity of the DVDs can be up to 4.5 GB in contrast to the CDs with storage capacity of a maximum of 700 MB.
  4. The audio and visual qualities are better over the compact disc.
  5. Attaching DVDROM driver to the computer enables one to enjoy the movie on the computer screen.
  6. Four forms of DVDROM are available: - DVD R, DVD+RW, DVD RW and DVD RAM. The last three type DVDs can be written many times as per your preference, while the DVD R can be written only once.
This technology gained importance in 1990s and since then it is revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Its first application was in the entertainment industry in the recording of the video and music songs. Later its use spread to the other application of storage as well.

An improvement in the DVD technology is the blue ray disc. Where the DVD disc is read with the red laser, the blue ray disc as the name suggests is read using blue laser. Thus a large amount of data can be stored in the blue ray disc as compared to the DVD discs. Moreover the data stored is of high quality as compared to that on the DVD disc in terms of picture clarity and music quality. Where the storage space of digital versatile l disc is 4.7GB, you can store about 25MB of data on single layered blue ray disc.

The DVD technology hence has improved over the years and who knows what the technology will be in days to come. Any ways, enjoy your favorite album on the small circular plastic disc.

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