Monday, October 27, 2008

Benefits of Water for Gas Technology

We all use water as a coolant in our cars. But what about using it as a fuel? Yes! That is possible with the hydrogen fuel cell technology. The technology is an innovative step to make our environment cleaner and our cars more ecofriendly.

The technology improves the fuel efficiency of your car by about 80%. All you need is a small kit which you have to attach to your car engine. The kit consists of the two electrodes. One electrode acts as anode and the other as cathode. The electrolyte is water. When a certain level of voltage is passed then the water splits into its components hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen gas is made to pass into the fuel tank where it is absorbed and the fuel combustion is enhanced. This improvement in the combustion of the fuel results in less pollutant emission in the atmosphere as you drive your car. Your car thus becomes environment friendly.

So, what make this technology advantageous over other alternative fuel technologies and the diesel? Well the benefits are many. Some of them are:
  1. The technology is environment friendly
  2. If you use it in your car then the fuel efficiency improves and you save your expenses on petrol or diesel
  3. The engine efficiency increases and thus the life of your car engine too
  4. The kits available can be adjusted with any type of the engine and can be removed when you wish to change your car.
  5. The parts of the kits are easily replaceable and available in the market. In case you have to change any part of your kit then you simply have to move to the market go to the shop selling the accessories and purchase the part that you want to.
  6. The maintenance cost is very low
  7. The mileage of your car improves and you run your car more distance, with the same quantity of petrol than you would without the fuel kit.
  8. There are other alternatives to petrol and diesel in the form of biofuels. But they have their own limitation. Like the fuel prepared from sugarcane, the sugarcane can be grown in certain climates. Besides the processing of the basic ingredient is required to get the end product-the fuel for our cars. All this is ruled out in the hydrogen gas or water gas technology as water is omnipresent and what is all required is to get it from the source nearby and fill the kit.
With all these benefits don't you think its time to renovate your car with this wonder kit and play a small role in keeping your environment clean and pollution free?

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