Monday, October 27, 2008

The Advantages Of The Bluetooth Wireless USB Adapter

Bluetooth is a wireless technology, using a small microchip, a portable device and a mobile. Your mobile and the device get interconnected by Bluetooth as soon as they come within the specific range.

The technology thus gives you short range connectivity using 2.4 GHZ radio waves, without the use of wires and different size of cables. But what you need is the Bluetooth USB adapter and the chip. This chip function just likes the cable wires but they use radio waves to connect and transmit the information.

Bluetooth USB is a small hardware device. Bluetooth adapters and the dongles are the small devices almost the size of your small fingure and they can be attached to the USB port in your personal computers. As you attach the dongle the computer automatically gets connected to the nearby mobile by Bluetooth. You can then use these settings to download the ring tones or wallpapers to your mobile.

How is it advantageous?
The first benefit is that you don't have to tangle yourself in those noodle strip wires and cables. You just insert the US dongle in the USB port and download the wallpapers or ring tones or the games to your mobile.

It is simple to use. You just need to be in the range of 10-15 meter distance, so that your devices get connected by Bluetooth.

It is safe to use. The devices with Bluetooth exchange the authentication details and get connected automatically.

The technology also supports the VOIP technology hence you can talk to your friends also.
When you are using the USB adapter on your personal computer, then you are in a way using the computer and the mobile technologies together.

Around 8 devices can connect within the piconet or Personal Area Network formed by the Bluetooth.

You can transfer the games, ring tones, songs, text messages, and files among the connected devices in the piconet at the speed of 1-2Mbps.

When you connect the Bluetooth USB adapter to your computer you make your computer Bluetooth enable. That means your computer can now exchange the authentication code with other Bluetooth enabled devices in the short range of the piconet and get connected wirelessly. Now you can coordinate the contacts on your desktop or print the sheets or transfer files.

Although the connectivity is affected if there are more devices within the piconet or there are any changes in the environment, but the advantages out power the demerits.

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