Saturday, October 25, 2008

What is Communication

Take a case where you are talking to your friend on the basic landline phone. You are telling your friend to do some work. Then your friend is the person who receives the message, you are the one who give the message and the telephone is the medium buy which both of you are connecting to each other. This is communication. It is all about connecting with others and sharing our ideas.

It is the process to convey the information from the sender to the receiver. Thus the communication requires sender, receiver and the medium through which the message is been conducted to the receiver. For the communication to be effective there should be a feedback from the receiver. If your friend does not say hello when the line connects then you will wonder whether your friend is there on the other side or not. This is feedback.

Communication can be verbal or non verbal. In verbal communication there occurs the exchange of words by way of talking between the sender and the receiver. The nonverbal communication involves the communicating through signs and signals. The traffic signal is the nonverbal type of communication between the traffic controller on road and you.

The word today has assumed a far broader meaning when it is connected to the word technology. It encompasses all those things that make us to communicate with others. The cell phones and the wireless technology, internet, the list is growing day by day.

Through internet we can communicate with others by writing e-mails, or chatting through the messenger. Latest in this is the VOIP technology by which we can make long distance free phone calls to our friends. In business it is used to conduct web conferences or guide the employees who are there on the field stuck with some objections of the clients.

By writing mails we can deliver the message instantaneously. Through chatting and discussion forums we can share our views regarding any topic with those sitting in their homes on some part of the globe. Internet has made all this possible.

The mobiles and wireless technology is connecting us irrespective of the place where we are. So we can talk to our family while driving our car. The cell phones are also getting transformed with new features. The service providers coming up with new services so that the communication does not break down and we can communicate in much better way.

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