Monday, October 27, 2008

Microsoft Java Virtual Machine

What is java virtual machine?
It is in fact software that is platform independent. It means that it can be run on any type of operating system may it be windows or Linux.

How it works?
Java is an object oriented, platform independent, multi threaded, dynamic, portable, high performance programming language. In simpler words it is high level language with all the above listed characteristics. In java programming the codes that we write are the language codes that we understand. These end with .java extension. These are converted into the machine language by the compiler. The compiler generates the byte codes with the extension .class that can be interpreted by the java virtual machine. The java virtual machine then interprets these codes and performs the functions. The byte codes generated remain same irrespective of the operating system. This very nature of java makes it platform independent which makes it independent of the operating system on which it runs.

Although it was originally designed to run the java programs but at present several other languages can be made to run on it.

Java Virtual Machine is the part of the java platform which helps to run the programs that are written in java language.

What is Microsoft java virtual machine?
A technology that makes to run certain java based applets on the windows like Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, CE and all their versions. But it is absent in XP SP1a, SP2. This technology is included in some form of Microsoft internet explorer.

This software was developed by Microsoft for the third version of the internet explorer. Microsoft came with this concept to gain a competitive advantage in the growing technology. But later a suit was filed by Sun Microsystems claiming that the Microsoft was using their technology.

Soon there was an agreement between the two in 2001and the Microsoft after paying Sun Microsystems $20 million agreed to discontinue the MSJVM. As it was not possible for some organizations to discontinue the use of MSJVM within the time duration hence both the groups decided to extend the duration to 31 December 2007. The Microsoft was thus given the license to support the Suns java code source.

Since then Microsoft has taken measures to end the MSJVM in its various products and decided to discontinue its use in its new products. Microsoft will only fix the security related problems of its customers in future.

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