Monday, December 1, 2008

What is Web Conferencing

Individuals from different and multiple locations come together and share their views over the internet. This is web conferencing. It is beneficial to both the small and large organizations.
Both the multi million dollar companies with their overseas branches and the home based offices and small organizations benefit from web conferencing. This internet based tool provides the multi million dollar companies with the facility to conduct the web meetings with their overseas clients and generate profits for the business. It also helps them to discuss different strategies with the officials in the subsidiaries.

All this happens over the internet and thus the expenses on the travel are not incurred. Virtual whiteboards and polling is used to generate ideas during web conference. These shared applications when accompanied with the presentation tools such as power point help the participants to present their ideas effectively.

Web conferencing provide a much better conferencing experience when it is combined with teleconferencing. This feature is provided by the Voice over internet Protocol more commonly known as VOIP. VOIP help to share the presentation along with the audio in real time.

Web conferencing software such as Microsoft Live meeting provide the tools which help the individuals to share their part of the desktop or whole of the desktop with other individuals participating in the conference.

The participants can thus share their power point slides, files and documents with other participants. They can also share their ideas as text messages through chat windows, with other individuals participating in the conference.

The web conference software also enables the participants to record the offline as well as online meeting sessions. This technology thus helps the individuals and business persons to communicate more effectively over the internet.

All the participants visit one particular web page to share their ideas and participate in the meeting. It is same as gathering in a room and participating in the meeting. Only difference between the two is that in web conferencing the room is the web page and the meeting is conducted over the internet. Also the physical presence of the participants is not required.

The technology is slowly replacing the face to face meetings due to number of benefits which it offers to the organizations. The companies are able to cut down the expenses on travel. The technology helps to overcome geographical and regional barriers when it comes to sharing of ideas and discussing the important strategies with the overseas clients and officials in the subsidiaries.

It supports the product development and training collaboration. It also helps the sales team and clients to interact in a much better way. The technology in fact improve business communication and collaboration.

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