Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Development in Mobile Technology and How Internet Affect it

Telecommunication industry has grown and so has the mobile phone industry. The companies in this sector are coming up with new technologies and ways so that they can provide excellent service to their customers. The mobile technology has come a long way. You can find the cell phones in different shapes and attractive color.

They are there with latest technology like mobile broadband, Bluetooth and GPS. You can surf the net, chat withy your friends, share important files and information with your clients, transfer the money to different accounts, download games and perform host of other functions. The different designs in which they are available and the different features they provide prove this point.

Mobile is a necessity now. Without mobile the life will come to stand still. Different types of mobile phones are available in the market. There are 3G mobiles with latest features. You can access internet, compose and send mails to your friends, access latest stock updates and perform many more functions. Mobiles are indeed a small device which brings the world at our fingertips any where and anytime.

It all started in 1970s and 80s when the mobile was used by the business people. Since then they have seeped to the individuals in different class of society. They are not just confined to the business class now.

The technology both mobile and internet have largely affected the way we communicate with each other. One to one personal interaction seem to be a thing of past now. This is replaced by the mobile conversation and text messaging. With the addition of the internet feature in mobiles now, both the technologies together are used to communicate.

The Centre for mobile technology is with the mission to promote the mobile technology at all levels. Internet has contributed a lot to generate awareness among the masses. Internet proves a cost effective medium for the mobile phone companies for promotion. Through this they can reach a wide number of prospects irrespective of the geographical boundaries. Through their sites the companies inform the consumers about the service plans and different features in the mobile phones manufactured by them.

There are social groups on the internet as well. These groups interact and discuss the latest technology in mobile phones. There are social network sites which provide a platform which provide for the discussion on latest technology in mobile phones, the latest multimedia features available in mobile phones and a platform where the participants can clarify their doubts with other participants.
Latest advancement in the mobile technology and the comparative analysis of different mobile phones are available in the form of reviews and news on different sites. There is no doubt that internet is affecting the mobile industry and helping the technology to develop at much faster pace.

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