Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tips To Keep Laptop Safe

Laptops are an important part of our lives now. For professionals it's a handbag where they store whole lot of information. It is also a gadget which connects them to others. In fact the portable device connects them to their work. Safety of this device thus becomes important.

Here are some of the tips which you can follow if you frequently carry your laptop with you.

Install tracking software
Tracking software like LoJack is available. This software like Global Positioning System tracks your computer when it is connected to the net. With this software on your computer you can find out who has stolen your laptop. This software functions like the GPS. As soon as the thief connects the internet to the laptop, the software sends signals to your company every fifteen minutes.

This method is an expensive one but you can rely on it if you have too much of sensitive data on your machine. Software also helps you to destroy the sensitive data on your laptop but these again work when the thief connects you laptop to internet.

Carry it in a bag
Make sure the bag in which you carry your laptop is adequately padded. Padding provides a cushion and prevents your laptop from any type of physical injury.

Maintain a back up
No matter how stringent precautions you take for your precious laptop, always maintain a back up of your data. This will cover you for the possibility of loosing the data in case your laptop is stolen or damaged.

Maintain a record of all the documents
Keep a record of all the documents related to your laptop. In case your device is stolen, you need these documents to provide a description about the model, serial number and some specific identification of your laptop.

Use passwords
Use passwords to lock your laptop. This ensures that the data on your laptop will not be accessed by the thief unless he hacks your password. A BIOS password gives high level of security to your laptop. With this the thief is not able to even turn on your laptop.

Install antispyware, antivirus
The antivirus and antispyware protect your laptop from the virus and spyware attack which just enter your laptop system from the network. Such software protects your laptop from the thief or hackers on the network.

Make sure that your hard drive is encrypted so that you protect the data on your laptop from the thieves who are interested in the sensitive company information on your portable device.

Besides these measures keep your laptop at home if you are on a holiday. Also never leave your laptop unattended in your car or any other place.

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