Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things to Know Before Going for Video Conferencing

The benefits of video conferencing technology are numerous. It increases the productivity of business. The technology cuts down the different expenses and thus helps business to save money. The technology helps the business persons to share important information conveniently.

The employees can share any type of information among themselves. This helps them to take decisions quickly and implement the strategies which increase the productivity. But before you introduce this technology to your business consider certain aspects.

Find out the different video conferencing software available in the market. Select the software that fits your business well. For this, list all that you want to achieve with the technology. Find out how you will use the technology. Then find out everything about video conferencing on the internet. Huge amount of information is there online.

To select the software find out whether you want to implement the software for a multipoint video conference or point to point video conference. The multi point type helps you to conduct conference with two or more remote points.

Decide one according to your business needs. Find out all the hardware that you need. In general you will require video camera or webcam for the video. For the audio input you will require microphones and speakers. If you plan a large conference room then you need a complex hardware kit. This kit contain carrier as an important component. The carrier helps two systems in a network to communicate. For this you can either use an ISDN or IP network.

There are basically two types of video conferencing systems. These are dedicated systems and desktop systems. The desktop systems are just the add-on which you add to your standard PC to convert it into a video conference device. The dedicated systems come with all the things in a big pack. You have to install them before you conduct conference on web.

Search different companies which provide the software and related services. Ask them the details of the services that they provide to their clients. Clear all your doubts. Ask them how you will actually use it. If you select a complex hardware for a large board room or conference room then ask the dealer for the expert support. Ask them for the service of technician to install the software. Always approach the recognized dealer.

Once the software is installed check that all the hardware are in correct place. Check that the microphones that you use are correctly placed. Check for the lights in the room. Ensure that the video camera and webcams are correctly placed so that you can see all the participants in the conference.

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