Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Samsung J700 Pink Sleek styling with essential features

This tiny slider gizmo comes in pink. It gives you all the features which you can think of. It gives you the camera to catch those moments that you don't want to miss. It also gives you the Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 player. On the expandable memory you can store whole list of songs.

Samsung J700 is a fashion statement with the slim designs and glossy looks. This pink beauty weight 90 gm and hold all the features which you look for in different mobile phones. The reflective mirror like surface makes it more attractive. As you slide open the phone you see the two inch colored screen.

With 1.3 megapixel camera you can click and capture the precious moments which you don't want to forget. The camera is smart enough top capture the moments with perfect colors and brightness.

With Bluetooth you can connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and exchange wall papers, photos or songs of your choice. With this phone in your hand you don't have to buy a Bluetooth car kit. You can use it safely to connect wirelessly and attend calls on your mobile.

With WAP browser you can browse certain specific text based sites. This mobile set also support the GPRS. With GPRS you can send data text, videos and photos at a much faster speed. Although, the speed is not as fast as the 3G but it gives you a certain level of speed with which you will not be dissatisfied.

This camera phone allows you to share the videos and pictures with your friend. But the condition is that your friend should have a device which could receive the pictures or videos from a camera phone like this one.

With this phone in your pocket you don't have to carry the music player or an MP3 with you. This one is sufficient to cater to your musical inside. With high capacity flash memory card you can store a long list of song and enjoy them wherever and whenever you want.

With FM radio you can enjoy your favorite musical programs and stay connected with the happenings around you. Tune into your favorite station and you can get information about the latest scores, news and reviews.

With picture messaging feature you can add voice, photos or videos to enhance the message content and make it more interesting and mail them to your friends. Besides this the mobile also give you polyphonic ringtones, voice dials, speaker to keep you hands free and vibration alerts.

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