Tuesday, March 24, 2009

International Calling Cards

International Calling Cards are the most important means of communicating with your near and dear ones who are sitting in the far off corner of the world. Since mobile phones are the best way to bring the big world in our hands by being the main source of communication. So with the help of international calling cards we can do the long distance calls easily and efficiently.

Earlier it used to take lots of time and money to do the international calls but with the invention of International Calling cards we have saved money and time with clear and proper communication facility.

What actually we have to do is register them by entering the pin number in the toll free number or better do it by calling the pre-registered number given in the card. The billing of these phones is also very easy as you all can pay them online, or by credit cards or cash. You even get number of prepaid International Calling cards to make a call to international countries. With the help of prepaid cards you can call only for the limited amount of time. If the time reaches its limit, the phone hangs up. But you can also increase the time limit by the numerous facilities available such as of paying extra even after the time is used up.

There are 3 types of calling cards available: -
  1. International cards are the ones to make international calls only.
  2. Overseas cards are those which are used to make overseas calls. In overseas cards, the country where the call is received and the country where the call is made should be the same country only.
  3. The Long-distance calling cards support the facility of accessing the all local, international and even overseas calls without any hindrance.
Thus the International calling cards are affordable and highly available in discount schemes offered by the various companies who are trying to bring their best in the market and attract the customers.
But there are various points to be remembered while buying International calling cards as it may sometimes prove uneasy for you.
  • The consumers should check all the details before buying the cards as few companies give the cards which have a lower quality even they charge very few cents.
  • Sometimes you also happen to bear the noise disturbance which might lead to uninteresting and annoying calls.
  • It is always recommended to first try out the trial cards and then buy them in order to avoid risk.
  • Apart from that hidden fee is also becoming the big issue while making international calls as many companies offer cards of lower rates but charge immensely. So it is recommended to ask for the billing system if you need to stay safe in the future.
Thus following few tips in buying the International Calling Cards, we can save lots of money and hence can be free to talk to our relatives and friends in the distant locations.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, most calling cards have an A to Z rate deck, which allows one to make domestic and long distance international phone calls. In other words, there is really ONE (1) type. However, as you elude to, some calling cards may only have access numbers for origination within one country, while others have world wide access numbers (local or toll-free).